Brazil Guitar Tabs

Kevin Casper
Brazilian Guitar Tabs

Fans of world music who play the guitar will be happy to know that there are plenty of Brazil guitar tabs on the Internet and in publication. If you have ever visited Brazil, you know how important music is to the Brazilian culture. Whether you are there for Carnaval or are simply out on the town on a random evening, music permeates the air and greatly influences the mood and lifestyle of the people. Styles of music like bossa nova and samba were born in Brazil, and next to the drums, the guitar is the most important instrument in these styles. The guitar melodies are truly beautiful and unique, and if you want to learn how to play them well, Brazil guitar tabs will be a big help. This article will help you locate some of the best resources for these tabs.

Brazil Guitar Tabs on the Internet

Check out these great websites that are dedicated to celebrating the music of Brazil and provide guitar players with the tabs to play this music.

  • Bossa Nova Guitar Transcriptions - As the name suggests, this site is all about Bossa Nova Guitar. It has tablature for some of the most famous songs in the genre as performed by one of the most famous players, João Gilbert. Songs like Desafinado, Eu Sambo Mesmo, Una Mujer, De Conversa Em Conversa, Iazura and more are transcribed beautifully here in tabs.
  • Ultimate Guitar - Ultimate Guitar has a page dedicated to the father of Brazillian guitar, João Gilberto. This page has tabs for Aos Pez da Cruz, Morena Boca de Ouro, Presente de Natal and more.
  • E-Chords - E-Chords is a great website that has tabs and chords for several Brazilian songs including Adeus America, Amor Certinho, and more.

Other Resources

There are also plenty of DVDs and books on the market that are dedicated to Brazil Guitar Tabs. The list below contains some of the best content available.

  • Bossa Nova Guitar Licks - This instructional DVD shares thirty-three of the foundational bossa nova guitar patterns with you. The DVD comes with a booklet that contains tabs for all of the licks shown in the DVD.
  • Mel Bay Brazilian Jazz Guitar - This great book has beginning and intermediate transcriptions for Brazilian songs like One Note Samba, How Insensitive, The Girl from Impanema, Sabia and more.
  • Brazilian Rhythms Guitar Book - This great book is focused on the fundamental rhythmic aspects of the samba and bossa nova guitar. There are over sixty examples in this book, and all of them are included in tablature.
  • Learn to Play Brazilian Jazz Guitar - The book from publisher Mel Bay covers chord structures, chord progressions and has tablature transcriptions for songs like Amor Docy, Sambe Feliz, Marcha Populaire and Minuet.

Learning a New Style

Beginning a study of Brazilian guitar music can send you on a lifelong journey. The more you learn, the deeper you get into a very rich and musically complex culture. Some guitar players dip into the music of Brazil never to return! If this happens to you, consider yourself very lucky because getting lost in this beautiful music could lead to a very fulfilling musical life.

Brazil Guitar Tabs