Cheap Electric Guitars Packages

Ready to rock!

If you want to be ready to rock from the first day you get your instrument, but you have to also keep an eye on the bottom line, cheap electric guitars packages are a great option. These all-in-one kits come stocked with everything you need to get started on the electric guitar, all at a price that will make the starving artist/musician in you smile.

What Are Electric Guitar Packages?

Electric guitars are a bit different than acoustic guitars. When it comes to an acoustic, you can pretty much pick up the guitar and start strumming. Sure, you'll need some kind of plug in to play live, but for home playing and practice, you can get easily get your guitar sound fix au natural with just your and your guitar. With an electric guitar, it's not quite the same. Sure, you can pick away to your heart's content, but to get that real guitar sound you're craving, you need to plug in and let loose. That's where electric guitar packages, also sometimes called electric guitar packs, come into the picture.

With an electric guitar package, you don't have to shop around, picking up your guitar here, a case there and an amp some place else. Instead, a package deal comes with everything you need to get rock ready all in one handy pack. Buying electric guitar accessories this way is good for a few different reasons. It's convenient, it saves money, and for a beginner, it's a good way to make sure you don't forget some essential ingredient when you're navigating your new electric guitar world. After all, the last thing you want to do when you get a new guitar is to arrive home only to discover you're missing the very thing you need to start playing.

Shopping for Cheap Electric Guitars Packages

If you're in the market for cheap electric guitars packages, the Internet is your best friend. There are tons of places online that sell these kinds of packs, and the prices tend to be even lower than in the store. There is one caveat to Internet shopping. If you're new to the guitar and aren't quite sure which kind of features you need, it's a good idea to at least pay a visit to your local music store to get a few pointers.

The following cheap electric guitar packs offer great value for money.

Epiphone Les Paul Special II Players Pack

This Epiphone Les Paul Pack comes with a Les Paul edition guitar, of course, as well as a Studio 10 amp with 3 band EQ, a stand, strap, cable and a carrying case. New to the guitar? Don't worry because this package also comes with an instructional DVD that will help you get going. This package is a great deal because not only is the price right, but it is coming from a brand name guitar players know and trust.

Silvertone SS11 Revolver Electric Guitar Package

This guitar pack that comes in at under $200 is a remarkable deal for a new guitar player, as well as anyone with a tight budget who needs a new instrument. You get the guitar, 10 watt amp with 2 band EQ and CD input, plus a case, strings, stand, strap and picks.

Squier Stop Dreaming, Start Playing Package

This Squier guitar package, made by Fender, is a slightly pricier than the other options, but the quality of the materials you're getting more than makes up for it. You get the Fat Strat guitar, a Fender Bullet 150 amp with built in effects, a stand, strap, picks, cables, bag and strings.

More Electric Guitar Package Options

Want to do a little more shopping before settling in on your perfect guitar pack? These websites will help:

Cheap Electric Guitars Packages