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LM Christian strap
LM Christian Strap

If you've been looking for Christian guitar straps, you'll find plenty of resources right here.

About Guitar Straps

A guitar strap gives you better control over your instrument so you can play freely while you stand, and this is basically its sole function. Just attach it to the pegs on your guitar, slip it over your neck and shoulder and you're ready to play. One strap is just about as good as the next as long as it fits well, is comfortable, stays attached to your guitar and does its job. What really makes one strap distinctive from another is the way it looks. Some straps are very utilitarian, while others have been made with care to make them look attractive.

Christian guitar straps fall into the latter category. They're decorated with different icons of faith, including doves, fish, and crosses. They're made from assorted fabrics, including nylon and leather, and some are quite elaborately decorated. If you're a Christian music enthusiast, one of these straps might appeal to you.

Shopping for Christian Guitar Straps

You local music store, as well as some Christian book stores, may carry guitar straps featuring a Christian motif, but you can also find them at the following online retailers. Let's see what they have to offer.

Guitar Strap King specializes in air-brushed designs, with a few embossed models and gold leaf designs as well. Each strap is 100 percent leather, and reasonably priced from $10.00 to $15.00. Every model is adjustable up to 52 inches, but you can add eight inch extension for about $7.00 more.

Their designs include:

  • Jesus Fish: Jesus' name is shaped like the traditional Christian fish figure used by believers to identify themselves since Roman times. This strap features a repeating design of three for the Trinity. If you'd prefer something a little simpler, the site also offers a single fish design done in royal blue on leather.
  • Heavenly Rainbow Covenant: This gold leaf design features the sun peeking out from behind the clouds as a rainbow stretches out over the flood waters in remembrance of God's promise to Noah never to flood the entire earth again.
  • Golden Cross: This strap features a gold leaf cross and is available in black, brown or white leather.
  • Radiant Dove: Long used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, this dove is outlined in neon blue, with a hazy white halo effect around the entire design.

Additional Shopping Opportunities

The retailors listed above are just a sample of the kinds of Christian guitar straps you'll find on the Internet. For even more choices, check out the following retailors.

  • Leather Smith Designs: Here you can even have your Christian straps personalized.
  • Legacy Straps: This site carries a wide selection of strap designs, including Christian motifs.
  • You'll find just one strap here, but it's a beauty.
  • LM Products: This site shows a wonderful selection of straps, but the site doesn't sell them directly. You'll need to order a catalog or seek out distributors like Sun Creek Music.

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Christian Guitar Straps