Custom Guitar Straps

Kevin Casper
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Have you always wanted to be able to create custom guitar straps like the ones your favorite guitar players use? Luckily, there are several companies around that do just that. The process for creating your own strap is simpler than you might imagine, and depending on how fancy or simple your design ends up being, you can create your own straps quite affordably. Read on to learn where to find resources on the Internet where you can design and produce your own custom straps.

Where to Find Custom Guitar Straps

The following websites carry custom straps in a variety of different materials and styles. Browse around until you find the right combination of features and price.

Action Custom Straps

Action Custom Straps are available from two inches wide to three-and-one-quarter inches wide. Custom options available include adding text, graphics and patterns. These aren't the least expensive custom straps on the Internet, but the quality of the products is very high. If you invest in one of these beautiful straps, you will have it for the rest of your life.

Double Treble

Double Treble offers some incredible options for customizing a guitar strap. First, you decide the colors and materials from which you want your strap to be made. You can select embroidered calfskin in black or brown, or embroidered calfskin with a crocodile texture in black or brown. You can then add words, initials or names in your choice of font-style and thread color, and you can even align the type however you like. If you want to add graphics, you can choose from over 14,000 images. You can even add a logo; you can send the company a sketch, and they will work with you to get it on your strap. You are limited only by your imagination when you work with Double Treble Custom Straps.

Eyeland Enterprises

Eyeland Enterprises takes the notion of a custom guitar strap and elevates it to the level of high art. If you like what you see at their site, you can call the designers at 1-888-435-6365 and discuss making your own strap. Custom straps are created as a collaboration between the customer and Eyeland. Some of their previous custom designs feature such details as embedded bronze shapes and straps that include deluxe harmonica holders. If you really want to take your strap designs to the highest levels, give Eyeland a call and see if you can make your idea come to life.

Jodi Head Guitar Wear

Jodi Head Guitar Wear custom straps are hand-stitched and made to order in the Jodi Head New York City shop. The letters used on the straps are one-and-three-quarter inches wide and one-and-one-half inches tall. You can select the color of the strap, the letters and even add stars to your strap to make it just as you like. Get the same strap that guitarists like Sheryl Crow and Ritchie Sambora use!

Mosby Guitars

Mosby Guitars custom straps all start with high quality sheepskin shoulder pads that are lined with suede. There are seven styles of straps to choose from, and they are all completely customizable by the customer. You can choose different strap buttons and buckles, and can add your own type and graphics. Mosby stands by their products and guarantees your satisfaction.

Style and Comfort

While everyone knows having a custom strap won't make you a better player, there's nothing wrong with looking good while you are playing. Beyond the style, high quality custom straps are often much more comfortable than straps you buy off the shelf. The high quality leather and padding make holding even the heaviest guitar a breeze. You'll look like a million dollars and feel more comfortable when you create your own guitar strap.

Custom Guitar Straps