Custom Made Acoustic Guitars

Custom made acoustic model

For musicians who don't want to settle or compromise with their instruments, ordering custom made acoustic guitars is a good way to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. It's true that there are many beautiful guitars that can be acquired by walking into a music store and pulling a model off the rack. However, there are many subtle details that make up an acoustic guitar, and there is usually something about a production model guitar that a guitarist wishes was different. Maybe you'd prefer a pickguard made out of a different material, or perhaps the shape of the neck isn't quite perfect for your hand. Perhaps you're a guitarist who swears by the sound that a pure bone nut and bridge saddle produces, yet not many run-of-the-mill guitars come with this feature. Maybe you love everything about a guitar, but you've always wanted a sunburst top and not a plain finish. If you know exactly what you want, why settle? There are many guitar companies and luthiers out there that specialize in creating custom acoustic guitars that will incorporate every little thing you desire into your next guitar. Check out the links below to learn more.

Finding Custom Made Acoustic Guitars

The following companies and individual luthiers are great options to contact if you want to commission a custom guitar.

  • Martin Custom Shop - While there are many boutique guitar builders cropping up around the world, almost all of them are in some ways trying to build a better Martin guitar. Why not just start with the original? The Martin custom shop is a place where you can get your very own Martin built exactly as you like it, from wood type to neck size to finish to inlays.
  • Collings Guitars - Collings is one of the bigger boutique guitar companies in Austin, Texas. These beautiful instruments are completely customizable. You can have a Sitka spruce top with Koa back and sides, a flowerpot headstock inlay, and a cutaway body style if you so desire. These are fantastic gutiars, and you won't go wrong taking a look at what Collings can do for you.
  • Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz is another fantastic guitar company with a sterling reputation. You can customize your body wood, top wood, neck and tuners as well as your inlays, finish, pickups and more.
  • Bourgeois Guitars - Famed guitar luthier Dana Bourgeois produces fantastic instruments in his shop in Maine.
  • Taylor Build to Order - Next to Martin, no other guitar company has had the impact on the evolution of the steel string acoustic guitar than Taylor. A wealth of customization options are available to you here. You can really build yourself a one-of-a-kind guitar from this website.

There's Nothing Like a Custom Guitar

Once you feel how a guitar built just for you responds to your hands, you'll never appreciate how great a guitar can play and sound. If you're serious about your craft, commissioning a custom made acoustic guitar is a fantastic decision and one that is well worth the investment. Make sure you shop around first so you know exactly who you think could build the perfect guitar for you, and then give that person all the information you can think of to make sure the design is right.

Custom Made Acoustic Guitars