Dean 10 String Bass Guitar

Kevin Casper
Dean 10 String Bass Guitar

If you're looking for a truly unique low-end sound, you should give the Dean 10 string bass guitar a try. Many people aren't even aware that a bass guitar can have 10 strings, but some innovative designers at Dean Guitars have really broken the mold and created an entirely new way to approach the instrument. This article will take you through a step-by-step description of the Dean 10 string bass and help you find places to check out one for yourself.

The Dean 10 String Bass Guitar

For many, the bass guitar is a four - or sometimes five - string instrument. To many players, a regular electric guitar has six strings, and a bass is simply a lower pitched guitar with fewer strings. However, there exists another world of bass guitars that shatters these commonly held conventions about the instrument.

The Dean 10 string bass guitar is one of the few instruments that really takes a different approach to the bass guitar. The Dean Edge Hammer 10 is a beautiful guitar. It features an all mahogany body and neck with a rosewood fingerboard, active electronics including a two bane equalizer, black hardware, Grover tuners and a natural oil finish.

That said, what makes this instrument really unique is the way it is strung. Described as a dual course five string bass, the Edge Hammer 10 is effectively a five string bass that has a second, thinner string strung next to each regular string. If you have ever played a mandolin or seen one up close, the design is similar. For example, instead of having one E string, you have two. The main string is thicker, almost as thick as if one that would be on a traditional bass guitar, but the second string is much thinner and is tuned either to the exact same pitch or an octave higher. You play a ten string bass just like you would play a traditional four or five string bass guitar except that when you fret a note, you are actually pushing two strings to the fretboard instead of one.

Why Ten Strings?

The most obvious question most people have at this point is, Why? Why would you want to mess around with ten strings on your bass guitar? After all, tuning an instrument is never a musician's favorite thing to do, and no one likes to change strings either. A ten string bass seems to further complicate both of those procedures, so why would anyone want to put up with it?

The answer, quite simply, is sound. Nothing sounds like a ten string bass guitar. The doubled string creates a full, warm, and harmonically complex sound that makes your bass guitar sound massive. When you have two strings that are playing the same tone in unison, there is always a natural, slight variation in pitch that creates a chorus effect. It sounds like there are two instruments playing the same notes at the exact same time. You can really feel this effect from the moment you plug a 10 string bass in for the first time.

Where to Find One

Dean Guitars have been receiving rave reviews from players and critics for years. Their designs are innovative, the craftsmanship is very respected, and they always manage to create high-quality instruments at an affordable price.

  • Amazon - Not just for books anymore, Amazon is an online retailer that sells almost everything you would need including 10 string basses.
  • New Egg Mall - This is another place online where you can find a Dean 10 string.
  • Dealer Locator - You can always use the dealer locator on Dean's website to find a retailer close to you where you can get your hands on a 10 string bass to see how it feels and sounds.

Something New

You cannot imagine how a 10 string bass sounds until you hear one for yourself, so take a listen to this video of a Dean Edge from Youtube. It's really like nothing you have ever heard before, so if you are looking to try something new, a Dean 10 string bass guitar might be just the thing for you.

Dean 10 String Bass Guitar