Free Bass Guitar Tabs

Bass guitar tabs are free on the Internet

Bass guitar tabs aren't as popular or easy to find as tabs for lead guitar, but there are several websites that offer a nice selection. These tabs can vary a great deal in quality, however. For copyright reasons these offerings are compiled by guitarists themselves, who tab each song based on their own interpretations. For each site try a few songs to get a feel for how well they've been tabbed, and if you're not happy with the results move on to a different site.

Where to Find Free Bass Guitar Tabs

Whether you're looking for bass tabs for the latest rock songs or prefer traditional country tunes, you'll find lots of different options at the following websites.

Ultimate Guitar

Whenever you're looking for guitar tabs of any sort, Ultimate Guitar should be your first stop. Their vast collection of song tabs for both lead and bass guitar is unmatched anywhere on the web. While the site's navigation might take some getting used to, their search feature works quite well if you search by song or artist. Then, when the results are displayed, use the "Type Filter" box on the left to select "Bass Tabs." All of the tabs found here are rated by members for accuracy and ease of use, so check the star ratings on each title to find the best ones.


Another large collection of tabs, Songsterr offers easier browsing for those who aren't sure which band or song they're looking for. From the main page you can choose to browse tabs by difficulty or select from the available genres listed at the top of the page. Once you get to a results page, you can then filter the results using "Instrument" section at the top and selecting "Bass." Many of the bass tabs found here are displayed in a video format allowing you to hear the song as you go, and visually see when the notes should be played. There are a number of helpful lessons as well, from basic strumming to how to use the various tools offered on the site.


E-Chords offers quite a bit of free content for bass guitarists. You can easily find what you're looking for with their comprehensive site search. Just type in the name of a song, band, or even partial lyrics, then select "Bass" from the instrument box. You can filter even further by difficulty if you wish.

Once you choose the song that you want, there are loads of other options. You can have the page scroll for you to keep your hands free for strumming, or change the size and color of the tab sheet. You can also opt to show the chords for each song. If you want to hear how a song is meant to sound before playing it, click on the "YouTube Clip" button for a pop-up of the video.

AZ Chords

Another option for free bass guitar tabs is AZ Chords. While the site isn't as comprehensive as some of the others, it's fairly easy to scan for the titles and artists you want. You can choose from the list of artists on the main page, or search by band or song title. When you get to any results page, the tabs that are for bass guitar will be highlighted with green text so it's easy to find them straight away.

Take Your Time to Find the Best Tabs

Searching for tabs online can sometimes feel fruitless; you can search and search but not come up with the results you are looking for. It can be frustrating and annoying to the budding bass guitarist just looking for a few songs to play. Using the links in this article should provide you with a good foundation so that your next tablature search is successful.

Free Bass Guitar Tabs