Guitar Music by Camargo Guarnieri

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Are you a fan of guitar music by Camargo Guarnieri? This incredible composer has written some of the most beautiful classical music of the 20th century. LoveToKnow Guitar has researched the history of Guarnieri's music, located some of the best recordings of guitarists playing his compositions and even found some great sheet music for musicians who aspire to learn his most famous pieces.

Background on Classical Composer Guarnieri

Camargo Guarnieri was a Brazilian composer born in Sao Paulo in 1907. He was originally given the first name of Mozart, but decided to adopt Camargo, the maiden name of his mother. After all, the line of work Guarnieri pursued, classical music composition, already had a Mozart! Guarnieri composed operas, orchestral symphonies, concertantes and instrumental chamber music. During his most prolific years, Guarnieri's works were performed throughout the world and were extremely popular in Europe and across the United States. Camargo Guarnieri died in Sao Paulo in 1993 leaving an impressive collection of classical music behind.

Recorded Guitar Music by Camargo Guarnieri

Interestingly, Camargo Guarnieri did not compose any music for the guitar during his lifetime. In addition to several operas, Guarnieri's compositions were primarily written for piano and violin. However, several of his songs have since been arranged for the guitar. These guitar pieces have been performed and recorded by some of the most accomplished players in the world. Listed below are some memorable recordings of Guarnieri's music as performed on the guitar.

  • Essencia Do Brasil: This CD by the Brazilian Guitar Quartet features songs by many famous Brazilian composers including Camargo Guarnieri. The musicians who comprise the Brazilian Guitar Quartet are Edelton Gloeden, Everton Gloeden, Paul Galbraith and Tadeu do Amaral. Other composers who share the CD with Guarnieri are Carlos Gomes, Francisco Mignone, Heitor Villa-Lobos. The CD also contains original compositions by the Brazilian Guitar Quartet.
  • Pauliceia: Obras Para Trompete Solo: This beautiful CD is only available as an import. The compilation actually features compositions written for the trumpet, but the accompaniment on several selections is played on guitar. These sparse pieces are seductive and colorful, and they successfully highlight the music of Guarnieri as well as other famous Brazilian composers.
  • 300 Years of Guitar Masterpieces: Another beautiful compilation, this three CD set highlights some of the greatest composers ever. In addition to Camargo Guarnieri, works by Isaac Albeniz, Johann Sebastian Bach, Domenico Cimarosa and Mauro Giuliani are also included. This set is a must for all fans of classical guitar compositions.

Camargo Guarnieri Guitar Sheet Music

The following resources are provided for those who wish to find sheet music of Camargo Guarnieri's compositions. The links listed below will take you to Sheet Music Plus where you can purchase these selections. While some compositions are specifically arranged for the guitar, others are arranged for piano but could be modified by a skilled player to be performed on guitar.

  • Estudos #2 and #3: These famous Guarnieri selections have been arranged by Angelo Gilardino specifically for classical guitar.
  • Sonatina #4: Written for piano, this is one of the definitive pieces of Guarnieri's canon.
  • Sonantina #6: The sheet music of this solo piano piece could provide the determined and accomplished guitarist with a good starting point for arranging this song on guitar.

More Info for Guitarists Interested in Camargo Guarnieri

As with most music from world renowned composers, the songs of Camargo Guarnieri are not written with the beginner in mind. The fact that majority of this Brazilian composers' work is still recorded for instruments other than the guitar is a double edged sword for guitarists. On one hand, it is much easier to find recordings and sheet music for Guarnieri's music if you are a pianist or a violinist. On the other hand, this lack of recordings and arrangements of guitar music by Camargo Guarnieri allows guitarists more freedom to take these compositions and interpret them as they see fit. The opportunity this provides accomplished musicians is both challenging and full of creative potential.

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Guitar Music by Camargo Guarnieri