Hey There Delilah Guitar Tabs

Plain White T's in concert; Tina Lau / PR Photos

Since the Plain White T's began drawing major attention, many players have been looking for Hey There Delilah guitar tabs. Learn a little about the story behind this song and where you can find a variety of tabs for this catchy tune.

Where to Find Hey There Delilah Guitar Tabs

The first thing you'll notice about Hey There Delilah guitar tabs is that this song is really simple to play. There are five chords used (Dm, F#m, Bm, G and A) and they repeat in a predictable pattern, proving a song doesn't have to be complicated to be really good.

Online Tabs

The following websites offer guitar tabs for Hey There Delilah, and in many cases there is more than one version. Check out:

  • Ultimate-Guitar - There are plenty of tabs for this tune at Ultimate Guitar, including some with very high ratings. The tabs include chords and string directions. As a bonus, there is even one set of bass tabs that has been done quite well.
  • Songsterr - The tablature for the song here is also accompanied by a free video tutorial on how to play the song. If you find it a little difficult to follow tabs, this is a good version to begin with.
  • Heartwood Guitar - There are options here for fingerpicking and strumming, and these tabs are written with the beginning guitar player in mind.
  • Musicnotes - This tablature for Hey There Delilah isn't free, but for about five dollars you can own the official version of the song so there's no second-guessing someone else's work. This can save you some time if you just want the straight-up original score.

Hardcopy Tabs

You can also find tab books and sheet music tabs for Delilah. Check out:

Song of the Summer 2007

You literally couldn't have listened to pop radio during the summer of 2007 and not have heard Hey There Delilah by the Plain White T's. The track was part of the 2005 release All That We Needed. The song was actually the third release from the album, and it wasn't an immediate hit. In fact, it took about two years for the song to finally catch on with the public, but this simple ditty finally climbed its way to Billboard's Top 100 in July of 2008. Since then, it has been a staple on pop radio, and it's still a popular download.

As a bit of interesting background, lead singer Tom Higgenson wrote the song for a real young woman after a bout of unrequited love. The lady in question, Delilah DiCrescenzo, already had a boyfriend, but she and Higgenson became friends, and he graciously invited DiCrescenzo to attend the Grammys with him when Delilah was nominated for song of the year.

Getting Those Delilah Tabs Right

Keep in mind that fellow guitar players contribute tablature on the Internet, and this is not quite the same as going out to purchase actual published sheet music. Tablature is always prone to the tabber's personal interpretation of the song. So, try out some of these tabs and listen to the song again to determine which version you think is the closest match.

Hey There Delilah Guitar Tabs