Hillsong Bass Tabs

Hillsong band Dec 2012 playing in Australia

With the Christian music of Hillsong United becoming more and more popular, bass players can learn these tunes quickly using bass tabs. Obtaining bass tabs for Hillsong music isn't always easy since bass tabs are, by nature, trickier to find than those for lead guitar. If you don't mind spending some time browsing and testing out a few sites and their tabs, then you'll be able to find some good quality tablature for Hillsong United tracks.

Where to find Hillsong Bass Tabs

There are a variety of resources available for Hillsong's music. These sites offer tabs created by users who write what they hear rather than copying from a songbook. The quality will vary between tabs, even those all found on the same site, so be prepared to try several to find the one you really like.

  • Ultimate Guitar: Here you'll find the most extensive collection of Hillsong United bass tabs, many of them with high user ratings.
  • Songsterr: Songsterr offers five different songs with bass tabs including King of Majesty and Our God is Love.
  • AZChords: This website has a mix of guitar tabs, chords and bass tabs. Tabs are noted in dark blue text, with bass tabs in green text.

Background on Hillsong

Hillsong Church is an Australian based church that is involved in the creation of contemporary Christian music. Hillsongs was originally known as the Hills Christian Life Center, and it was formed in 1983 by Brian and Bobbie Houston. There are international offshoots of the church in the UK, the Ukraine and South Africa as well as Paris and Moscow. The band Hillsong United began to release recordings in the 1990s through their youth group offshoot. The Hillsong United offshoot began as the youth wing of the Hillsong Church and, owing to its promotion and use of music as a form of worship, developed the Hillsong United band. This band is a fluid collaboration of church members combined with some mainstays, and it has released an album a year since 1999.

Contribute Your Own Tabs

Most guitar tab sites lack a great selection of quality bass tabs, especially for bands who aren't exactly mainstream like Hillsong United. If you're an avid player and love to use tabs, consider writing up some of your own to contribute to these sites.

Hillsong Bass Tabs