Hotel California Chords

Kevin Casper
Hotel California

The Eagles recorded many a great song in their decades long career, but guitar players who want to play their biggest hit need to find Hotel California chords. This article will take you through the chord progressions of this classic rock anthem and also show you where else to find more information.

Hotel California Chords: The Basics

The structure of Hotel California is a basic A/B type of song structure. What this means is that there are two basic parts of this song: the A part and the B part. The A part refers to the chord progression that occurs during the verses, and the B part refers to the chord progressions that accompany the chorus. If you visualize the chords of this song in this manner, it helps simplify what is actually going on with the song's overall structure. It also helps you remember the song by breaking it up into two parts. If you learn one and get it down, you can then turn your attention to the other and get it down. After that, all you have to do is put them both together, and you'll have the entire song figured out.

The A Part

The A part of Hotel California is played under the verses, and it consists of eight chords played in a cycle: Bm, F#, A, E, G, D, Em and F# (again). If you don't know how to finger these chords, you should print out one of LoveToKnow's Printable Guitar Chord Charts. Having an audio copy of the song handy to listen to will be a big help as you try to figure out when and where the chords changes occur.

The B Part

The B part refers to the chord progression that is played under the chorus. It also consists of eight chords played in a cycle: G, D, Em, Bm7, G, D, Em, F#. Again, consult your chord chart for the correct fingerings of these chords.

The same process applies to the choruses that applies to the verses. This progression, the B part, is simply repeated every time there is a chorus in the song. This progression is also played under the long guitar solo that acts as the song's coda. Congratulations! You now know all of Hotel California.

Online Resources

If you're interested in other places to provide information on Hotel California chords, check out the following links. Many of these sites below have the lyrics to the song printed out with the guitar chords printed above them, so you can follow along with the song, and use the lyrics as guide posts for where you should change chords. This can be a tricky and somewhat awkward process until you get the hang of it, but keep playing along and eventually the chord changes will seem more natural. Again, having an audio copy of the song handy will help a great deal as you go along.

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Hotel California Chords