Kids Electric Guitars

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In today's musical instrument market, there are a wide range of fun and exciting kids electric guitars to choose from. In order for children to become truly engaged in learning to play the electric guitar, two important factors must be considered. First, they need to be able to physically play the guitar. Small hands need small guitar necks, and small arms need narrow guitar bodies that they can reach around. Second, children need to be excited enough by the look of the guitar to want to get it out and practice. If your child has a favorite guitarist, consider finding a kid's guitar that resembles the guitar played by their hero. Or if your child's favorite color is blue, consider a cool steel blue electric guitar to inspire her. If these two considerations are met, your child will be well on her way to experiencing the joy of the electric guitar.

Some Excellent Kids Electric Guitars

The following list of guitars are a small sample of the instruments that are available for kids today. They range in price, style and size, but they are all designed with the young rock-n-roller in mind. The links included in the descriptions will take you to online retailers where you can read more about the products and compare prices.

  • J. Reynolds Mini-Electric Prelude Pack: This package from J. Reynolds contains a 1/2 sized Les Paul-style electric guitar that is designed for children aged four to seven years old. The package is attractively priced, and also includes a mini-amplifier, picks, a strap and a cable.
  • Dean Baby V Electric: A smaller version of the classic flying V guitar body, the Dean Baby V is available in three finishes: metallic copper, powder black and titanium copper. This lightweight guitar has a narrower neck to accommodate small hands, making this a great guitar for kids. However, there's nothing childlike about the two high-output humbucker pickups that really make this guitar scream!
  • Washburn X5 Mini Electric Guitar: The reputable guitar manufacturer Washburn has crammed a lot of professional features into the X5 mini guitar. This guitar features two full sized humbucker pickups and a three-way toggle switch for many possible sound combinations. The X5 is available in metallic dark blue and metallic red.
  • Pignose PGG-100: Made by the legendary battery powered mini-amplifier company Pignose, these small guitars were originally designed for travelers, but would function perfectly well as kids electric guitars. The famous Pignose sound is built into these guitars, and they are available in brown sunburst, metallic blue, candy apple red, custom gold and custom black finishes.
  • Kay Mini-Electric: These Stratocaster-style Kay mini-electric guitars are 31 inches long and are available in either pink, blue or red. They each come bundled in an affordable package that includes a three watt amplifier, a microphone headset for singing along, picks and a guitar strap.

Where Else to Look

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Kids Electric Guitars