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Paul Reed Smith guitar straps are high quality and are as beautifully crafted as the company's famous line of electric and acoustic guitars. To anyone with an interest in excellent six-stringed instruments, Paul Reed Smith has long been associated with some of the most famous guitarists and guitar tones in music. For example, Carlos Santana has played these guitars for years, and no one in their right mind would ever argue with his tone. For Paul Reed Smith to put their name on something, you know that - whatever it is - it has to be well made. This certainly applies to their line of guitar straps. This article will introduce you to all the straps that they produce, highlight the features of the straps and show you where to purchase one for yourself.

Learn About Paul Reed Smith Guitar Straps

Paul Reed Smith guitar straps are currently produced in eight models that vary in price and materials. They range from inexpensive straps made with the beginning guitar player in mind to more ornate straps crafted from exotic materials that are designed to really add some style and comfort to your guitar playing experience. The straps described below are arranged from least expensive to most expensive. Visit the Paul Reed Smith Accessory Store where you can order any strap you like and have it shipped directly to your door.

  • Nylon Strap - This basic nylon strap is a no frills, jet-black, classic nylon strap. It is two inches wide and comes emblazoned with the Paul Reed Smith signature logo in gold. While this is not a fancy strap, it has a certain class and elegance to it that many other inexpensive nylon straps lack.
  • Camo Nylon Strap - For those of you who need an inexpensive strap but still want a stylish design, this camouflage nylon strap might be just perfect for you. This strap shares the exact same features as the black nylon strap (minus the signature logo), but each camo strap comes in its own unique camo design.
  • Suede Guitar Strap - The next model up in the PRS strap line is the suede guitar strap. These straps are made of supple, durable suede and are available in either black or tan. The suede straps are two-and-a-half inches wide and feature the Paul Reed Smith signature logo.
  • Leather Logo Strap - This middle of the line strap is the company's most popular leather strap. It features the exact same dimensions and color options as the suede strap, but is crafted from smooth leather rather than soft suede.
  • Leather Birds Strap - The leather birds strap is a beautiful item. It is made from extremely soft, smooth leather and features the Paul Reed Smith signature logo along with the company's signature birds. The birds are tastefully carved into the leather in different states of flight, and they run the length of the strap. These straps are two-and-a-half inches wide and are available in black, brown or tan.
  • Dragon III Strap - Made from very high quality garment leathers, the Dragon III is tooled with the dragon design from the Dragon III guitar's neck inlay. This model is all black and has a simple yet sophisticated elegance.
  • Ostrich and Brown Suede - At this point the straps become more exotic. This beautiful model is extremely unique and features dark brown suede with ostrich ends. This one is also two-and-a-half inches wide.
  • Snakeskin and Black Leather - It doesn't get any more rock and roll than snakeskin and black leather. Each one of these straps features its own unique python snakeskin pattern. These straps are hand-stitched and are two-and-a-half inches wide.

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