Peavey Foundation Bass Guitar

Kevin Casper
Peavey Foundation Bass Guitar

The Peavey Foundation bass guitar hasn't been produced in over a decade, yet it continues to garner a great deal of interest among bass guitar players. Sometimes musicians fall in love with a particular guitar from the past even though that instrument might not have generated much buzz when it was brand new. This is certainly the case with the Peavey Foundation. In fact, the Foundation was considered an inexpensive, run of the mill, entry-level guitar when it was originally released on the market. Today, however, bassists are taking a closer look at this instrument, and they like what they see. This article will tell you all about the Peavey Foundation bass guitar and help you locate a used one if you think you'd like to try one out for yourself.

The Peavey Foundation Bass Guitar

The Foundation is often thought of as having two distinct eras, the 1980's model and the 1990's model. Debate rages as to which era is better, with people making passionate pleas for both, but there is no consensus. Check out the following information to see which era sounds right for you.

The 1980's Foundation

The Peavey Foundation was marketed as an inexpensive yet solid bass guitar upon its release in 1983. The bass was simply designed and had a no frills aesthetic with two single coil pickups, two volume knobs, a tone knob and a basic body style with a plain finish. There was nothing about the Foundation that jumped out at you visually when it was originally released. However, there is actually much more to the Foundation than meets the eye when you take a closer look.

First of all, the Peavey Foundation was entirely produced in the USA. When you browse bass guitar forums around the web, one thing that comes up again and again about the Foundation is its incredible playability. What this means is that the bass just feels right in your hands. It was very well built, and played like a much more expensive guitar than it was.

The electronics of the 1980's era Foundation were passive, single coil pickups that could be used individually or in unison based on how you set the volume knobs on the bass. The patented neck was made from select rock maple that resisted warpage and was mounted to the body of the guitar with four screws that made the bass feel extremely solid and stable. The guitar also featured a high-quality Graphlon nut and a southern ash body with double cutaways that allowed players access to the highest frets of the guitar with ease. All in all, the 1980's Foundation wasn't flashy, but it certainly had it where it counted, and these instruments are still standing the test of time.

The 1990's Foundation

In some ways, the differences between the 1980's and the 1990's Foundations were subtle, but they were changes that created two distinct camps of Foundation fans. The first thing people notice is the different headstock, which is slightly less pointy than on the earlier models. The body is also made out of alder rather than ash. The later model Foundations were also available in fretless models and in five string models, so there were different options available for bassists who wanted something a little bit different.

Where to Find One

The Peavey Foundation bass guitar has not been manufactured for some time, so you will have to do a little digging to find one. The best chance you will likely have will be to look on eBay. The biggest online auction site in the world, eBay reaches millions of people who are trying to buy and sell everything you could ever imagine. Another option is to try Craigslist. Craigslist is a website that operates like a 21st century newspaper classified section. Just pick the city that is the closest to where you live and search in the musical instruments section. You just might get lucky!

The Peavey Foundation is a great bass that people are rediscovering in recent years because it has a warm sound, a smooth feel and an affordable price tag. If you're looking for an affordable bass that has a little something extra under the hood, check out the Peavey Foundation.

Peavey Foundation Bass Guitar