Sources for Personalized Guitar Picks

Annette McDermott
Sample custom glow-in-the-dark guitar picks from Clayton
Glow-in-the-dark picks from Clayton

Personalized guitar picks are becoming more and more popular among music players and fans. You can collect them from your favorite group, have some made for your own band or create a personalized pick to give as a unique gift. Custom guitar picks are even being used as wedding favors.

Custom Pick Manufacturers

Guitar players of every age and ability enjoy picks that reflect their personalities and music styles. Picks are available in many materials such as traditional celluloid plastic or sterling silver, stainless steel or gold. If you're looking for great sources for personalized guitar picks for the guitar hero in your life, or you want to create picks as an awesome marketing tool for your band or your own personal use, try one of the following companies:

Pick Factory

Pick Factory
Pick Factory Customs has been in business since 2001. The company doesn't design graphics from scratch, so if you want a logo, photo or other artwork you need to supply it yourself. You can download one of their available templates to help you design your picks if you don't have a prepared image. Pick Factory will help you refine your design, however, so it's clean enough for printing. Pre-printed picks are also available.

You can select the gauge/thickness for the picks from light through extra heavy, and the company offers eight background colors to choose from. You can also pick the color of your logo, as well as whether you want one or both sides imprinted. Prices run from $51.00 for 100 single sided, customized picks to $243.73 for a batch of 2000. You can select batch sizes between these two extremes, but the price is definitely better on bulk orders.

Guthrie Thomas

Guthrie Thomas
The Elaine Golden 15 Point "Star" Diamond by Guthrie Thomas

Guthrie Thomas specializes in custom guitar picks, and you can even choose from a few specialized shapes. The company is known for creating custom picks for Willie Nelson, one of the biggest names in music.

Guthrie Thomas offers a wide range of pick choices from photo and imprinted picks to hand engraved 14 karat gold or silver picks. You can even choose to add a personalized pick to a necklace or keychain, which would be the perfect keepsake for a wedding, birthday or anniversary. Prices vary a great deal depending on style, size, printing, and the material you choose for the picks. There are several bulk deals, however, including 100 personalized picks for $66.50, including shipping.

Grover Allman

Grover Allman picks
Grover Allman Custom Picks

Grover Allman has a client list that includes many popular artists such as Rihanna, Alice Cooper, Nuno Bettencourt, Shawna Russell, Jason Charles Miller, Tito Jackson and John 5. The company offers customized photo and classic picks, but it's their offering of etched picks that makes them stand out from their peers.

Grover Allman uses a proprietary process to sink your graphics or message into the pick, offering improved grip. You can choose to have single- or double-sided etching. For single-side etching, the price per pick ranges from $9.00 when you order a single pick, to $0.18 each for 5,000 picks. Your picks can also be drilled with a hole or pre-attached to a necklace for an additional charge. There are no set up or design fees and no minimum orders.

Legend Picks

When Tommy Shaw, Eddie Money, Ted Nugent and John Mayer needed custom guitar picks, they turned to Legend Picks. The company offers personalized single- or double-sided imprinted guitar picks.

To order, you choose the pick gauge, pick color and imprint color (or provide your own artwork). Price varies by gross. One gross is 144 picks and costs $52.00, however the price per pick decreases considerably the more you buy. Purchase price includes picks, custom imprint, plate and setup charges, taxes (if applicable) and shipping and handling.

Celluloid guitar picks to customize from PickWorld
Celluloid picks from PickWorld

Pick World

At Pick World, you can choose to personalize your picks with full or single color printing or single color hot stamping. The company offers picks in three materials and several shapes and thicknesses. You can even purchase an oversized pick that is 75% larger than a standard one.

Templates are available to help you create your design. Prices vary by pick type and type of printing. As a comparison though, 100 single color, one sided picks cost $40.00. Larger bulk orders with better per-pick pricing are also available.


Clayton has been custom imprinting for over 30 years. Their custom pick program is affiliated with some of the most popular music companies in the industry including Musicians Friend and Sam Ash Music. Customers who don't have photo-editing software available can utilize Clayton's Custom Designer to create a logo.

Pricing varies but starts at $34.99 for 100, one side printed picks. Clayton offers a huge variety of pick color, size and material choices including hard to find items such as eco-friendly picks, glow-in-the-dark picks and metal picks.

A Multitude of Cool Options

No matter what your reason for using personalized guitar picks, there is a huge selection of cool options available. Whether you choose traditional celluloid, colored, stamped, classic-shaped or heart-shaped picks, you're sure to find the perfect pick that reflects your playing style and meets your marketing or gift giving needs.

Sources for Personalized Guitar Picks