Where to Look for Rickenbacker Bass Parts

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Rickenbacker Bass Parts
Basslines SRB-1 Pickup For Rickenbacker Bass

Are you looking for Rickenbacker bass parts for your bass? Over time, many of the mechanical components of a bass guitar wear out. For example, the tuning heads might stop turning properly and make it more difficult to tune your instrument. Or, you might lose a knob on stage some night and not be able to find it. Sometimes the bridge might wear down in places or even begin to crack. In other instances, bassists want to replace parts of their basses that aren't broken but could be improved. Installing new pickups or a better bridge or nut or tuners can turn a good bass into a great bass.

Finding Rickenbacker Bass Parts

These online retailers will help you find parts for your Rickenbacker bass. Whether you need to replace a broken part or are looking to upgrade to a newer, more advanced part, you should be able to find anything you need by visiting this list of excellent resources.

  • The Music Connection - The Music Connection has a page with a huge list of Rickenbacker parts and accessories. They have pickguards, wiring, knobs, taipieces, truss rods, bridges, machine heads, cases and even T-shirts!
  • Guitar and Bass Parts - Guitar and Bass Parts has a page devoted to Rickenbacker replacement parts. The bass section has bridges, necks, pickups, scratchplates, machine heads and all electronic components including switches, jacks and pots.
  • Bass Parts Resource - The Bass Parts Resource carries two versions of Seymour Duncan replacement pickups for the Rickenbacker bass. You can purchase the neck and bridge pickups separately, and each are designed to improve the tone and output over the stock pickups while reducing noise and hum.
  • Ricky Sounds - Ricky Sounds specializes in finding vintage replacement parts for customers looking to restore Rickenbacker basses to their "like new" factory conditions.
  • eBay - Anytime you're looking for a guitar or bass part, it's always a good idea to look on eBay. In addition to some great deals, you can also find some unique, one-of-a-kind parts that might help you make your instrument into something special.

Join the Group

There are plenty of places to find Rickenbacker bass parts because there are plenty of people who love collecting, restoring, modifying and playing these great basses. As you look for parts, you will likely encounter people who love Rickenbackers as much as you do.

Where to Look for Rickenbacker Bass Parts