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Looking for Schecter bass guitars? You've come to the right place.

The following pages profile a number of Schecter basses. If you see something you like, just click on the image for more info. Find out why Schecter Guitar Research grew from a company that simply offered replacement parts to a respected brand in its own right.

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Schecter Stargazer

The Schecter Stargazer bass pictured here is a four-string beauty comes equipped with a Graph Tech "Tusq" nut impregnated with Teflon to help your strings stay in tune even through vigorous play.

The Stargazer is also available in a five-string model.

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Schecter Omen-5

This glossy black, five-stringed beauty comes equipped with Schecter Diamond plus pickups and beautiful chrome hardware.

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Schecter Hellraiser-4

The black cherry finish on this exquisite bass might be one of the first things to catch your eye, but this instrument also features jumbo frets, EMG HZ pickups as well as the sheen and durability of real chrome hardware.

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Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4

A Diamond bass bridge and active pickups plus a Tusq nut offer great sound control on this four-string Stiletto bass.

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Schecter Diamond-J

This Diamond-J four-string bass with a gorgeous sunburst finish features an alder body with Schecter Monster Tone II pickups.

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Schecter Stiletto Deluxe-4

White and sleek, the Stiletto Deluxe comes with chrome hardware and Schecter Diamond plus pickups. The Tusq nut made from man-made ivory lessens the need for retuning.

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Schecter Stiletto Custom-4 Lefty

Looking for a left-handed bass? This four-string Stiletto Custom model is equipped with an S-Teck bridge and EMG HZ pickups. The beautiful natural finish is nicely complimented by black hardware for a distinctive look.

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Schecter Damien-5

This rather ominous looking five-string bass features 24 jumbo frets and EMG HZ pickups. The distinctive bat design fretboard inlays add real character to the instrument.

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