Schecter Synyster Standard Electric Guitar

Kevin Casper
Schecter Synyster Electric Guitar

If you're looking for a great electric guitar, you should consider checking out the Schecter Synyster standard electric guitar. Inspired by the guitar played by Synyster Gates from the band Avenged Sevenfold, the Synyster is as edgy and mischievous as its name implies. Anyone who knows electric instruments knows that Schecter is synonymous with quality, so you can be confident that the Synyster is a guitar well worth considering for your next axe. This article will introduce you to this intriguing guitar and put you in touch with some online retailers if you find that you're interested in buying one for yourself.

The Schecter Story

Schecter Guitar Research is the proper name for the company that builds the Synyster, but the name is commonly shortened to simply Schecter. Schecter was founded in 1976 and initially produced parts and accessories for Gibson and Fender guitars, but they began producing their own line of acoustic and electric guitars and basses in 1979. After a period of producing fantastic custom guitars for the likes of Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits and Pete Townsend from The Who, the company was bought out in 1983 and moved to Texas where it began mass-producing inexpensive instruments with imported parts. Unfortunately, the guitars produced in this period were of a much lower quality than their previous custom guitars, and the company almost ruined the Schecter brand.

Luckily, a Japanese businessman named Hisatake Shibuya bought the company in 1987, returned it to its California roots and - most importantly - re-dedicated Schecter to making high-quality custom guitars. The company began to sign up artists to endorse this new line of exciting, high quality guitars, and some big names like Sean Yuenger of White Zombie and Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots were added to the Schecter lineup. Since 1997, some less expensive Schecter guitars have been manufactured at a plant in South Korea, but they are returned to the shop in California where each guitar is individually set up. This has allowed the company to produce some more affordable guitars while retaining the high quality that customers have come to expect.

The Schecter Synyster Standard Electric Guitar

The Schecter Synyster is a guitar that grabs your attention immediately. The first thing you'll likely notice is the guitar's devil horn headstock. The Synyster Standard has a mahogany body for a thick, heavy tone, a rosewood fretboard for silky smooth playing and two Seymour Duncan HB-108 pickups for full-on power. The guitar also comes with a Floyd Rose locking tremolo, so you can dive bomb until your heart's content without ever going out of tune. The Synyster also features a Deathbat fretboard inlay and SYN written in the headstock in gothic lettering. A jet-black finish with white pinstripes tops off this great heavy metal guitar.

The Synster also comes in two other models, the Custom and the Gates Signature Limited Edition Model. The Gates Signature series is produced in a limited number and features custom images and inlays, gold hardware and a white and gold finish. The Custom is similar to the Standard model in most ways except that it has improved pickups and an ebony fretboard.

Finding Your Own

You can locate dealers at the Schecter website to find a store in your area that sells these great guitars. You can extend your search area out to 200 miles if you live somewhere that requires you to travel a bit to find what you're looking for. There is also a list of international dealers provided if you live outside the United States and are interested in a Schecter Synyster standard electric guitar. However, if you can get your hands on one, do yourself a favor and check out one of these unique instruments before you purchase your next guitar.

Schecter Synyster Standard Electric Guitar