Stylish Guitar Picks Gallery

Enjoy a Cool Guitar Pick Gallery

First and foremost, a pick should be functional and produce great sound, but it doesn't hurt if it also looks good as this cool guitar picks gallery will show.

Check out a variety of unusual and stylish guitar picks.

Pick of Destiny on
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Pick of Destiny

If you're a fan of Jack Black's side gig, Tenacious D, you'll love this replica of the Pick of Destiny.

pin up girl picks
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Hula Hotties Picks

Celluloid picks adorned with cute hula girls; what's not to love?

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Clayton Bio Hazard

Not only does this Clayton pick look cool, it also has a non-slip surface for a better grip.

super hero picks
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Marvel Super Heroes Picks

Show your geek side, with these picks that feature different Marvel characters.

hello kitty guitar picks
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Fender Hello Kitty Pick

Women and girl guitarists alike love Hello Kitty, especially when she's rockin' out!

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Satriani Originals

Joe Satriani isn't just a guitar virtuoso, he's a talented artist. These JS picks carry some of his original designs.

Clayton infinity guitar pick
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Clayton Infinity Pick

This pick features a great psychedelic design.

pink girly picks
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Girly Patterned Guitar Picks

These picks stand out as super girly with a variety of patterns - all in shades of pink.

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Dunlop Blackline Tiki Taboo

These picks feature designs by famous rock poster designer Alan Forbes.

Clayton angel guitar pick
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Clayton Angel

This beautiful angel pick would be a good match for a Luna acoustic guitar. If you enjoyed this slideshow, share it with a friend. All of these picks can be found at by clicking on the images.

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Stylish Guitar Picks Gallery