Cool Guitar Pictures

Gallery of Cool Guitar Pictures

Cool guitar pictures offer a view of the creative inspiration that goes into making these instruments.

Sound may be the most important element of a great guitar, but visual impact also plays a role in the impression that instrument makes. Sometimes it's the cut of the body that draws attention, other times it's the finish that really captivates, especially when it's unusually imaginative.

Whatever your personal style preference is, the following slideshow offers a small sample of the vast array of cool guitars just waiting to be explored.

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Luna Spirit of the Night

This ethereal design from Luna really illustrates the artistry that can go into finishing a guitar.

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B.C. Rich Metal Master Warlock

This Warlock design screams metal!

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Luna Midsummer Nights Eve

A little Shakespearean influence produces a beautiful work of art.

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Dean V Inferno

Flames plus a classic V body equal the quintessential rock guitar.

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Luna Mermaid

A true fantasy piece brought to life in delicate colors.

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Schecter Devil Spine

This guitar really exploits shock factor with its blood red devil's spine motif.

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Luna Lady of Shalott

This design perfectly captures the haunting romanticism of the poem that is its namesake.

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Dean Dimebag Dixie Rebel

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Cool Guitar Pictures