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Squier guitar

Often misspelled and searched as "Squire bass guitars", the Squier bass guitars series is known worldwide for its classic sound. It is also known for its affordable price. Produced by Fender, one of the best known companies in the musical universe, Squier bass guitars have also gone through many popular revisions and styles.

About Squier Bass Guitars

The history behind the Squier bass is entwined with the history of the modern guitar and Fender. A young English immigrant name Jerome Boaparte Squier came to America in the 19th century and began building violins. The violins became popular, and Squier opened his own shop. In the 1930s, he began building strings for newer electronic instruments such as the guitar. In the 1950s, Squier began selling his strings to a budding and inventive guitar company called Fender.

Since then, many guitars and bass guitars have come and gone with the Squier name. The instruments are always known for some level of invention and quality. Editions of the Squier bass include:

  • The P Bass from the Affinity series is known as the "world's best selling bass". This bass is known for its ability to adapt to any musical style. It is also comfortable for the player.
  • In the Artist series of bass guitars, there is the Mike Dirnt Percision bass (the bassist in Green Day) and the Pete Wentz Precision bass (the bassist in Fall Out Boy). Each instrument features personal touches from the bassist that it is named for.
  • In the Modern series, the MB-4 Skull and Crossbones bass features a skull and crossbones opposite the volume knob for those attracted to the look.
  • In the Classic Vibe series, there is the Classic Vibe Precision bass 50's. The bass delivers a basswood body, placid blue color and a single coil pickup. The bass also features a four-saddle HiMass bridge.
  • Another bass in the Classic Vibe series, the Classic Vibe Precision bass 60's features a split-single coil pickup and a contoured basswood body.
  • A Standard series piece, the P Bass Special Left Hand edition is the P Bass strung for a left-handed player to play with ease.
  • One of the most popular Squier pieces is the Jazz Bass, a part of the Affinity series. The piece is well valued and known for its rosewood fingerboard, two single coil pickups and top-loaded bridge.
  • Another Artist series piece, the Frank Bello Jazz Bass stays true to the metal player from which the bass takes its name with a black finish and painted headstock.
  • In the Deluxe series, the Deluxe Jazz Bass V-Active 5 String edition is a low cost alternative for players wanting five strings. Complete with an active three-band EQ, the bass is both attractive and functional.
  • The main feature of the Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless from the Vintage Modified series is that the piece has a fretless fingerboard.
  • One of the more attractive bass guitars out there, the Badtz-Maru Bronco bass in the Hello Kitty series features the popular Hello Kitty penguin.

Where to Buy a Squier Bass Guitar

Squier bass guitars still need power!

The Fender Squier models can be bought from popular guitar retailers such as:

  • Sam Ash is of the most popular guitar and guitar accessories retailers in the world.
  • A well-known guitar seller, The Guitar Center even features a website section dedicated to the Squier bass.
  • In the UK, you can purchase from Musician's Friend

Final Thought

Popular models like Squier/Squire bass guitars never go out of style. The bass itself is known for being easy to use and attractive to look at. For anyone looking for a gorgeous bass at an affordable price, there is more than likely a Squier option out there to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a bass for your working band or just for playing neck notes in your bedroom, Squier has you covered.

Squier Bass Guitars