The Beatles Tabs

The Beatles

The Beatles created some of the most memorable music in history. It's no wonder that guitar tabs for their songs are still very much in demand.

The Beatles Tabs for Guitar

Thankfully, there is no shortage of the Beatles tabs online. Here's where to find some great tabs to try out.

Guitar World

Popular guitar magazine Guitar World offers up a nice selection of tabs for some of the better-known Beatles' tunes, including Oh! Darling, Norwegian Wood, and Helter Skelter. The only downside to this seven-page collection is that it's not divided into chords and tabs -- they are all listed together. Be sure to check the brief description under each title to ensure you're getting tabs for your chosen song.

AZ Chords

AZ Chords has a huge list of tabs for songs by The Beatles, and these are sorted alphabetically. You'll notice that there are several different tabs for many titles. This is because the tabs are user-generated, so each one will be slightly different. Try several of them to see which ones you like best. Navigate the long list of Beatles' songs using the links near the top of the page, and then look for light blue song title links that indicate tabs rather than chords. If you're looking for bass tabs, those are indicated with green links.

Ultimate Guitar

Another site that offers user-generated tabs, Ultimate Guitar contains tabs for nearly every Beatles' tune, for guitar, bass, and a variety of other instruments. You can view tabs by entire album or by song, and both are listed alphabetically.

Music Notes

Sometimes it's worth paying some money to get professional tabs and a little bit of pro help. Music Notes offers a variety of Beatles' tabs to suit this need, at various price points. You can choose printable tabs with online instruction videos, or digital tabs for beginner guitarists, as well as bass tabs. While not all songs by The Beatles are offered, the selection covers some of the more popular tunes such as Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da, Twist and Shout, and Eight Days a Week.

Beatles Tablature Books

There are loads of books offering tabs for Beatles' tunes. Here are some of the better ones.

  • The Beatles for Easy Guitar Tab: You don't have to be a professional guitarist to pick up these easy Beatles song tabs from popular publisher Hal Leonard. This book includes tablature for thirteen songs from various eras in the Beatles' career, including Day Tripper, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, I Feel Fine and Get Back. The list price for this collection runs $18.95.
  • The Beatles 1 for Guitar: This is a collection of guitar tabs for the number one hits featured in the Beatles CD of the same name. If you already happen to have the CD, you can use it to help you better understand the tablature and learn to play the songs with more authenticity. This book typically retails for less than $30.00, but it's invaluable to any Beatles guitar fan.

About the Beatles

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were just Liverpool teens in the late 1950s when they formed what may just be the most influential band in rock and roll history. They would wrote a bevy of songs that still receive air-play today.

The Beatles officially broke up in September of 1970, although the band had been suffering from stress fractures prior to that date. John Lennon had actually left the band in May of 1969 without making his departure public. The news didn't reach fans until the release of Paul McCartney's first solo album, McCartney.

While all four members of the band wrote songs, it's the Lennon-McCartney team that proved to be the most fruitful. However, some of George Harrison's songs have also withstood the test of time, and a few of the band's favorites were actually cover tunes by other artists. As each successive generation of guitar players comes along, the Beatles' music is rediscovered, and the Beatles tabs experience a resurgence in popularity.

The Beatles Tabs