Travel Electric Guitar

Kevin Casper
Electric Guitar for Traveling

If you're planning to hit the road soon and want to play music while you're out and about, you should look into getting a travel electric guitar. Travel guitars are smaller scale guitars with tiny bodies that are designed to be easy to transport. They can be carried on your back like a small backpack, and most of them can easily fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane. Some travel electric guitars even come with small amplifiers built into the body of the guitar so you don't even have to deal with an amp. This article will tell you everything you need to know to locate and buy a great travel electric guitar for your next adventure.

Where to Find a Travel Electric Guitar

Listed below are some great travel guitars and an explanation of some of their features. Click on the corresponding links to visit sites where you can learn about purchasing one of these portable instruments.

  • Traveler Guitars - Traveler Guitars have been making high quality travel electric and acoustic guitars since 1992. Their electric line includes the newly redesigned Escape Series. The Escape EG-1 is their flagship travel electric guitar, featuring a Pocket Rock-It headphone amplifier, full-sized humbucker, 22 jumbo frets and a High Sierra gig bag. The Traveler Speedster is the electric version of their original Pro model that has been making travelers happy for almost twenty years. The Speedster series features a dual blade humbucker for high output rocking and excellent sustain.
  • SoloEtte - SoloEtte makes two very high quality electric travel guitars, the Songbird Jazz and the Dragonfly Electric. The Songbird is made of hard maple and features an EMG humbucker in the neck position. Headphones plug directly into the body for private listening. The Dragonfly features a cutaway frame, a tunematic bridge and two EMZ humbucker pickups. These guitars are small like travel guitars, but they are certainly engineered like boutique, high-end instruments. If you don't want to sacrifice quality when you hit the road, give the guitars from SoloEtte a look.
  • DeVillain - DeVillain makes some of the most unique travel guitars on the market in that they can be folded up and stowed for travel. They have recently come under new management and now offer three models that are priced lower than previous models. If you want a truly portable guitar, a DeVillain might be for you.
  • Fernandes Nomad - The Nomad from Fernandes is an inexpensive, fun and smooth playing travel guitar. It has a built-in amplifier and four-inch speaker that are powered by a single 9-volt battery. The guitars also come with a distortion button that can dirty up your sound with the flip of a switch. All Nomads include a gig bag.
  • Lapstick - The Lapstick is a truly tiny travel guitar. It is ¾ scale of a full-sized guitar that can be tuned a third or a fifth above normal pitch. The original inspiration for this innovative guitar was to give working players a small instrument that they could use to warm up their fingers on their way to gigs. The Lapstick comes with a battery-powered pre-amp and a headphone jack so you can practice anywhere without bothering people around you.
  • March Guitars - March Guitars are uniquely engineered travel guitars that have the tuning pegs at the bottom of the guitar behind the bridge. These well-built guitars feature Seymour Duncan pickups, mahogany necks and bodies, and Grover tuners.

Hit The Road

Now that you have a good idea about some of the best travel electric guitars on the market, you should be able to pick out the one you like and head off on your next adventure. Don't forget sunblock, a good book and your travel guitar, and you'll be ready for whatever the journey throws your way.

Travel Electric Guitar