Tips for Finding a Used Pedal Steel Guitar

Kevin Casper
12 string Mullen pedal steel guitar fretboard
Used instruments often require replacement parts.

Finding a good, used pedal steel guitar can take a little time and effort. The pedal steel is an instrument unlike any other. Even though it's called a guitar it's really its own animal. Many players are attracted by the haunting tones the instrument makes, but they're unsure if they'll have the patience to really learn how to produce those sounds effectively. Therefore, finding one used is often the preferred method of acquiring your first pedal steel guitar. This article will tell you a bit about this fascinating instrument before providing suggestions for where to look for a used pedal steel guitar.

Where to Look for a Used Pedal Steel Guitar

Because of the complexity of this instrument, new models don't come cheap. A new, quality pedal steel guitar can cost several thousand dollars. Even if you are planning to buy used, know that a good pedal steel in good condition is still going to set you back somewhere in the range of one to two thousand dollars. There are some various student models out there that are a bit cheaper, but they are often of less than dependable workmanship and may result in frustrating you unnecessarily in the early stages of your development. As with buying any instrument, try to find the highest quality one you can afford, as the sound and playability will inspire you to play more which will help your playing tremendously.

Check out these following websites where used pedal steel guitars can be found:

  • Billy Cooper's Steel Guitars - Billy Cooper's Steel Guitars, located in Orange, Virginia, is advertised as the largest pedal steel guitar store in the world. They have a 4,200 square foot showroom that is dedicated to the pedal steel guitar. This link will take you to their inventory of used pedal steels.
  • All Steel Guitar - All Steel Guitar is another site that has a large inventory of new and used pedal steels to choose from. This link takes you to a page that lists all their steel guitars, new and used, all together, so you'll have to read through a bit to find the used deals.
  • Steel Guitars of North County - This California company has an online presence, but they don't keep their current inventory updated as they have over 100 pedal steel guitars coming and going through their showroom at any given time. If you're interested in seeing what they have for sale, visit their site and contact them directly.

Making a Decision

Buying a used pedal steel might be a case when you don't actually get to put your hands on the instrument before you buy one. The reason being is that there are so few retailers who specialize in pedal steels, so depending on where you live, you might be hundreds of miles from the closest guitar. Talk to the folks in the stores on the phone and explain your needs, and they'll be glad to help steer you towards the best instrument for you.

Tips for Finding a Used Pedal Steel Guitar