Who Plays Bass Guitar for Jimmy Eats World?

Rick Burch of Jimmy Eat World

Rick Burch plays bass guitar for Jimmy Eats World. As one of the most popular bands playing large festivals like Bamboozle, Jimmy Eats World has racked up hit single after hit single, raising their profile and generating questions about the members of the band.

Rick Burch, Bassist for Jimmy Eats World

Alhough Jim Adkins is the band's most popular player, Rick Burch is the name of the bass player for the band. A member of the band from the beginning, Burch is inspiring a new generation of bass players much in the same way John Entwistle from the Who inspired him. Prior to 1994, a man named Mitch Porter played bass with the band, but is not credited with being a part of the band's creation. Instead, Burch, born in February of 1975, is credited as being a part of the original creation of Jimmy Eats World.

Team Effort

In interviews, Burch credits the entire band with writing songs. According to Burch, each player will contribute their own little piece to make the songs as good as they can be. He recommends new players get themselves a cheap bass and learn the basics.

Inspiration and Setup

Little is known about Burch other than that he is the bass player for the band. While there used to be an equipment list on the band's website, fans are now left to take to the forums in order to find out which equipment Rick uses. A Fender community suggests that his main setup is a basic black P-bass complete with a maple fretboard. He is also rumored to use a Musicman sunburst bass.


In many bands, the bass player does not have many noticeable 'riffs' that stand out. This is not the case for Jimmy Eats World. While the band alternates between softer and louder songs, Rick's bass is always noticeable. In the hit single The Middle, the tone of his bass rings right through the middle of the loud song. In Nothingwrong from the Futures album, Rick's bass pounds the song through and rings in the stomach of listeners. In quieter songs like Drugs or Me, the bass guitar carries few notes in the song, but they are strong.

Burch Is Important to Jimmy Eats World's Sound

Now you know who plays bass for Jimmy Eats World, and the role that Rick Burch's bass playing has in many Jimmy Eats World songs should leave no question of his importance to the band. With strong bass tones, his sound complements Jim Adkin's vocals eloquently to present a popular sound from this famous Arizona band.

Who Plays Bass Guitar for Jimmy Eats World?