Wood Guitar Stand

Guitar on wood stand

A wood guitar stand can be just as beautiful as the guitar it holds and still remain exceptionally functional. Find out what to look for in a stand design and learn where you can find one.

Choosing a Wood Guitar Stand

If you happen to have an electric guitar, a wooden guitar stand may not quite fit your needs. However, if your instrument is an acoustic-style design, a stand like this can serve you quite well. A well designed stand that has been painstakingly crafted from the best hardwoods with a satin smooth finish and the right protective padding offers a secure place to store and display your guitar when not in use.

Design is the key to functionality. With that in mind, here are a few crucial things to look for in any wooden guitar stand.

  • A low center of gravity: The main function of your stand is to keep your guitar from getting knocked over and damaged. Look for a stand with a low center of gravity that will help it restabilize quickly should it ever get bumped. The base should be wider than the top half of the stand, but not extend so far beyond the base width of your instrument that you're likely to catch your foot on it when walking by.
  • Tilt support: The base cradles your instrument, but without some kind of support feature to keep the neck from slipping to one side or the other, the stand is useless. Some designs feature an extended neck rest with a secure bracket to keep the neck in place. Shorter designs tend to hold the body of the guitar itself in place to prevent tilting, leaving the neck completely free.
  • Slant: A stand that slants backward slightly will hold your guitar a bit more securely than a very vertical stand.
  • Padding: A high quality padding should cover all of the pressure points where your guitar rests against the stand. Rubber padding is used on many models, but foam is another option that is sometimes gentler on your instrument's finish.
  • Portability: This point depends heavily on how you plan to use the stand. If it's meant mainly to display the guitar in a fixed place, portability is not a real concern. However, if you're looking for stage model to transport to and from gigs, you're going to want a model that easily folds up with a carry case to protect it.

Shopping for a Stand

Undoubtedly, the ideal way to shop for a wood guitar stand is to do it in person at a local music shop. That way you can check the durability of the piece, as well as its functionality.


  • Just how sturdy is the stand? Does it sit well before adding a guitar, or does it wobble without sufficient weight?
  • Will the cut of the grain stand up to long term use, especially if you intend to travel with your stand?
  • If you do plan to haul the stand to gigs, how easy will that be? Does it fold up neatly, or will the stand require assembly/disassembly at every show?
  • What kind of padding does the stand employ to protect your instrument? Will it wear the finish of your guitar at the pressure points?

If you find a stand you truly feel will do the job well, and it fits your budget, you might choose to make a purchase right there. However, once you find a maker and/or design you like, you might also want to do some Internet window shopping to see if there is a comparable model online at a better price. Giants like eBay, NexTag and Amazon sometimes have perfectly good wooden stands to offer, and often you can get a good deal. There are also a number of online music stores that sell hand-crafted beauties, from strictly display quality pieces to fully functioning travel stands. Let's see what a few of these retailers have to offer.

Wooden Guitar Stands Online

The following online shops carry a variety of wooden guitar stands with prices to match. Be aware that some of these models may cost more than you paid for your instrument. If budget is a concern, keep functionality first in mind, and try to resist the temptation to buy a stand solely for its beauty. The artistry of the stand will definitely reflect in the price tag.

  • Willowdrum Musical Creations: Here you'll find a sturdy hardwood stand model that securely cradles the guitar at its base. Padding is provided at four key contact points. Choose from cherry, walnut or maple, and expect to pay $135.00-$139.00.
  • Teel Guitar Works: This site carries a tripod-style wooden guitar stand. It's another short rise, padded design that cradles the guitar base, but this model does have a neck rest yoke with a magnetic safety latch. The stand is made from maple and retails for about $500.00, however, the price does include a gig bag for transporting the stand and other small accessories.
  • Urlacher Guitars: This site offers an absolutely beautiful wood guitar stand that is almost a piece of sculpture in itself. The Bellezza© has a graceful swan-style neck yoke and a V-stand footing, designed with steel-string and classical guitars in mind. The piece breaks into three parts for transporting, but this stand is perhaps better used as a display model. It's price: up to $575.00.

You're going to use your guitar stand for many years to come, so don't rush a decision on which stand to buy. Take your time comparing the quality between models, and be sure to ask other players which wooden stands they prefer. In the end, you're bound to be much happier with the stand you finally select..

Wood Guitar Stand