Yamaha GE24 Guitar Case

Kevin Casper
Guitar Case

If you're looking for a Yamaha GE24 guitar case to protect your musical investment, look no further. Whether you have a guitar without a case or you're looking to upgrade your current case, the GE24 is an excellent selection for the right style guitar. We have done the legwork for you and have compiled all the information you will need to track down one of these excellent guitar cases.

Features of the Yamaha GE24 Guitar Case

First of all, the GE24 is designed for a particular style of guitar. Yamaha designed the case to fit the SA2200 electric guitar and the rest of their SA series guitars. These semi-hollow body arch top electric guitars are essentially Yamaha's version of the classic ES-335 produced by Gibson. B.B. King's famous guitar Lucille is an ES-335, and the British rock guitarists George Harrison of The Beatles and Noel Gallagher of Oasis have also done their part to significantly increase this guitar style's notoriety over the years. The Yamaha GE24 guitar case would fit any guitar that is the same size as the Gibson ES-335 including the Epiphone Supernova, the Ibanez 2454, and the Washburn Delta King Semi-Hollow Body to name a few.

The GE24 is a solidly built, classic looking hard shell guitar case that perfectly compliments the timeless styling of the ES-335 guitar. The case features four heavy duty locking latches, thick padding, and a soft felt lining that will keep your guitar snug as a bug and safe from harm. The GE24 has a small compartment for strings, picks, capos, etc. and a heavy duty padded handle to comfortably transport your ax to and from gigs and to provide safe storage at home. Unlike cheaply made chipboard cases, the Yamaha GE24 is designed to take a beating and will hold up to a lifetime of wear and tear.

Where to Find the GE24

Typically, the GE24 case comes standard with the purchase of an SA2200 and is an optional accessory with the purchase of any of the other guitars in Yamaha's SA line. If you have another ES-335-type guitar, however, and need to find a great case for it, the resources below will provide you with plenty of options to locate this excellent case.

  • Casico Interstate: According to their website, Casico Interstate orders the GE24 directly from the manufacturer. Casico provides free shipping on all orders over $99 which would include the GE24.
  • Contois Music: The fine folks at Contois Music advertise this deluxe case as one of their highest quality cases, and they also provide free shipping via FedEx Ground.
  • Woodwind and Brasswind: Celebrating 30 years in business, Woodwind and Brasswind offers free shipping and a low price guarantee on all the GE24 cases they carry.
  • Amazon: Not just for books anymore, Amazon carries a wealth of musical products including the Yamaha GE24 and much more.
  • BizRate: BizRate is a price comparison shopping search engine that searches the Internet for a product and finds the best price available. When in doubt, head over to BizRate and see if their powerful search tools can help you track down a bargain.

Final Thoughts

Some people fail to recognize the importance of a well-made guitar case. If you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars of hard earned money on a guitar that you are proud to play, it only makes sense to invest the extra money on a case to preserve and protect your investment. A guitar without a case is an accident waiting to happen around the home, and cheap discount cases offer little more protection than a cardboard box. Without a quality case, anything of substantial weight that is placed on the instrument may cause damage. Finally, fine instruments are very sensitive to changes in the environment. Heat and humidity changes can reek havoc on a guitar's intonation and can even warp the wood. Storing a guitar in a well-constructed guitar case like the Yamaha GE24 guitar case will minimize the effects of temperature and humidity on the instrument. It's well worth the investment.

Yamaha GE24 Guitar Case