5 Easy Guitar Songs With Simple Chords for Beginners

T.J. Mimbs
Happy beginner playing guitar

Picking up a new hobby can at once be exhilarating and frustrating. Picking up a new musical instrument, especially the guitar, can be downright daunting if you aren't having fun along the way. Learning your chords and scales is essential to becoming a legitimate guitarist. However, in order for the venture to stick, it's also a good idea to teach yourself a few songs that everyone knows and loves. An easy song to play on guitar is usually thought of to be one with just a few, simple chords. The following tunes all fit that bill.

Five Great Songs for Beginners

1. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

If you can play the simple chords G, C and D, then you can rock the Van Morrison classic Brown Eyed Girl. For all the guys looking to impress their own brown eyed girls, this should definitely be at the top of your list of songs to learn. Not only is it centered around very simple chords, it sticks to the same chords for the vast majority of the song. Once you've progressed into the riffing realm of guitar, this tune can continue to keep you active with a relatively simple, yet very recognizable lead guitar part. You can find the full sheet music at MusicNotes.com for a fee of $5.50.

2. Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Seger

Old Time Rock and Roll is another classic song with just three simple chords. Though there are many musical keys in which the song can be played, the distinctive I-IV-V chord progression remains the same. This is a great song to learn in order to grasp the power chord. Being a staple on classic rock radio stations and having been included in countless movies and commercials, this tune is sure to impress your new fans. Its sheet music can be purchased at OnlineSheetMusic.com for $4.99.

3. Louie Louie - The Kingsmen

While no one may ever know what The Kingsmen were actually saying in Louie Louie, the chords are quite familiar. Once again, there are only three of them and they are of the simple variety (D, E and A). Louie Louie also features a prominent rock and roll strumming pattern that is an essential part of the foundation for budding guitarists. This is another song for which the sheet music can be found at MusicNotes.com for $5.50.

4. Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones

Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones is included in the kindergarten curriculum of punk rock. The no-frills style of Johnny Ramone, while legendary, is great for beginner guitarists. Sharing the same three chords with Louie Louie, but progressing from A to D to E instead of D to E to A, Blitzkrieg Bop is a great tune to play while learning how to dial in a heavily distorted electric guitar tone. Its sheet music is available online for free via JellyNote.com.

5. Wake Up - Arcade Fire

For those of you who lean more towards indie rock, Wake Up by Arcade Fire is a song that is sure to liven up your lessons. It's also a perfect tune for those looking to learn songs to sing along to. Containing the simple chords C, A minor and F, you should have no trouble with this anthem, for which the sheet music is available for only $3.95. Moreover, it's a great choice to play along with a friend who is learning the drums.

Practice Your New Skills

These songs can help ease you along your journey to becoming a well-rounded guitar player. While simple, they contain a variety of guitar styles and encompass a variety of musical genres. Most importantly, they provide beginners with an interesting and engaging outlet to practice their newly learned guitar chords.

5 Easy Guitar Songs With Simple Chords for Beginners