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Kevin Casper
Resonator guitar

If you're looking for a resonator guitar, you should consider checking out the Johnson resonator guitar line. While most of the guitar playing world knows the name Dobro, there are other manufacturers out there making quality resonator guitars. The advantage of some of the lesser-known manufacturers is that you can get a solid, workable resonator without spending a large sum of money. For some players, a resonator isn't a main guitar, but rather a guitar that you use on certain songs to get a particular sound. If that is how you plan to use this instrument, or if you're just learning to play slide guitar, you might not want to start out with the top of the line. Read on to learn about the high quality, affordable models available from Johnson.

Johnson Resonator Guitar Facts

The Johnson Musical Instrument company began manufacturing guitars and other fretted instruments in 1993 and has been expanding their line of products ever since. Today, in addition to resonator guitars, they manufacture acoustic guitars, electric guitars, guitar amplifiers and other folk instruments like mandolins, ukuleles, dulcimers, zithers and even harmonicas. They have even branched into professional sound and sell speakers and monitors at an affordable price.

Their resonator line is populated by three models: the Bottle Slide Triolian, the Delta Blues and the Swamp Stomper.

The Bottle Slide Triolian

The Bottle Slide Triolian is designed to be an excellent bottle slide resonator guitar. It is designed after models made popular in the 1930s with a slotted headstock, a larger body shape and natural mahogany finish. This guitar has a mahogany top, back and sides, and a hard maple biscuit bridge for a classic sound that really projects. There is a 9.5 inch spiral Continental resonator cone to create that undeniable tone that resonators are famous for. Modified f-holes in the soundboard and a rosewood fretboard complete this beautiful, great sounding guitar. If you plan on playing live, you can select the optional Fishman pickup that is designed to maximize tone while minimizing feedback.

The Delta Blues

This guitar is a feature rich instrument available at a price that is much more affordable than other similar instruments on the market. It has a satin sunburst finish with a cream binding and a maple body. A 10.5 inch resonator, handmade in Europe, produces a huge sound, and the large button-sealed tuning pegs ensure that the guitar will always stay in tune. The Delta Blues resonator is available in a squareneck or roundneck styles.

The Swamp Stomper

The Swamp Stomper is a hybrid of sorts designed to bring the best of the past in line with the best of the present. A mahogany body and 9.5 inch resonator cone harken back to the early days of resonator guitars, but the cutaway body style, black matte finish, and built in pickup bring this guitar into the 21st century. This model is also available in roundneck or squareneck styles.

Where to Buy a Johnson

Several online retailers like Amazon, Elderly Musical Instruments, and Instrument Alley carry the Johnson resonator guitars line. If you're looking for a quality resonator guitar that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, give Johnson a try. These guitars are affordable and will give you that sound that only a resonator can provide.

Johnson Resonator Guitar