Resonator Guitar Kits

Kevin Casper
Dobro resonator guitar

If you love the sound of the resonator guitar, do you know that there are resonator guitar kits that you can buy and build yourself? Building your own guitar can be a fun project for a musician or someone who loves working with his or her hands. You develop a special bond with an instrument when you build it yourself, and because you're doing all the labor, you can save a lot of money as well. You'll discover that kits allow you to build a high quality resonator guitar that costs considerably less than one you would buy at the music store. Learn where to find resonator guitar kits on the Internet.

Using Resonator Guitar Kits

Before you set off to build your own guitar, you'll definitely want to make sure you are completely comfortable working with your hands. A resonator guitar project will involve working not only with wood, but with metal as well, so you'll need some level of familiarity with these mediums before you begin. Many a well-intentioned guitar builder's project has gone awry along the way, and if you need to call in an expert to fix your mistakes, all the money you saved by building your own guitar will be thrown out the window. Some kits are designed for novice builders and some for real experts, so make sure you are honest with yourself and your abilities before beginning.

A list of tools and equipment needed to complete the project will be included in any decent kit. Read this list before you begin and make sure that you have all the necessary materials you will need for the project. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, people will try to improvise and use a tool for a job it wasn't really intended for because the required tool wasn't available. When building something as precise and delicate as a guitar, this kind of substitution is a recipe for disaster; you'll definitely want to use the right tools for the job when working with a guitar kit.

Where to Find Kits

The following resources sell full kits for resonator guitars as well as parts, tools, manuals and anything else you'll need to complete your project.

  • Elderly Instruments - Elderly Instruments doesn't sell any complete kits, but they have a tremendous list of replacement parts that you might find you need. Everything from cones to coverplates to bridges can be found here.
  • Janika's Music Shop - Janika's Music Shop sells all the difficult-to-find resonator specific parts in one great kit. It includes the cone, the bridge, the resonator cover, the string anchors and the soundhole cover. These kits are available in either chrome or gold.
  • Stewart Mac - Stewart Mac no longer stocks complete resonator kits, but they still archive the building manual on their website. This PDF file will give you an idea of what you're in store for when you set off to build your own resonator guitar.

Find a Kit and Build

By now, you should probably have a good idea whether or not building a resonator guitar kit is a project you'd enjoy. If you think you're up to the challenge, find a great kit, set aside some time and get to work. The end result will be a guitar of which you'll be very proud.

Resonator Guitar Kits