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Bass guitar in the desert

Bass Wallpaper Collection

You can save any great bass guitar image to use as a backdrop. Whether you prefer a real photo or bass fantasy art, you just might find what you're looking for right here. If you like what you see, right click your mouse and save it. It's just that easy.

Fantasy bass art

Fantasy Bass

Here's a great fantasy art image that would make awesome wallpaper, especially if you're into the five-string bass.

Classic blonde bass guitar

Blonde Bass

Maybe this bass image is more your style. It's a good choice if you want a simple background.

Gecko playing bass guitar

Rockin' Gecko

How about a lizard that can lay down some licks? This little guy would make a playful background.

Classic bass guitar

Classic Bass Background

Here's another great classic bass image for anyone who prefers a realistic background.

bass with flames

Bass Art

Here's another cool fantasy background with a bass set against flames. It would make dramatic wallpaper.

Young woman playing bass

Bass Guitar Girl

Girls can rock a bass too, and the school girl uniform doesn't hurt either!

Closeup of bass guitar in black and white

Black and White Retro

Black and white film gives this bass photo a retro feel that harkens back to the early years of rock and roll.

Crossed bass guitars

Crossed Basses

This image of crossed basses, one red and one with a granite finish, looks fantastic. Just imagine it as your background right now.

Bass and amp line drawing

Bass and Amp Illustration

It's just a simple line drawing of a bass and amplifier, but it really catches the eye.

Black bass on a black background

Black on Black

This photo shows a closeup of a black bass guitar on a black background. All in all, it's a very chic look.

Abstract bass trio illustration

Abstract Bass Trio

This abstract design includes three types of basses. If you're one of those musicians who plays more than one type, it would make perfect wallpaper for you.

6-string bass covered in musical notes

6-String With Musical Notes

Musical notations in hues of pink, purple, and blue cover a 6-string black bass in this illustration. If you're looking for a colorful design, this would be a good choice.

Bass guitar headstock

Bass Headstock

One look at this headstock, and you know it's a bass. The smoky, monochromatic tone and slight blurring give the image a little mystique.

Illustration of bass with a skull design set against abstract flowers

Flowers, Skull and Bass

Here's something definitely different. The bass has a skull design on the body, and the instrument is set against a backdrop of abstract flowers.

Red bass guitar against purple background

Final Fantasy

Red hot and ready to rock! This image would make a highly colorful background for your device. If you haven't found what you're looking for yet, check out more Bass Guitar Pictures.

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Bass Guitar Wallpaper