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In the 1950s, your bass guitar options were simple: the Fender Precision bass. Things have gotten far more diverse and complex since then, and it can be challenging to know what to buy. Whether you're buying… Keep reading »

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The World of Bass Guitars

Historically, electric guitar players have always generated the lion's share of attention in the world of music, but where would they be without the musicians playing bass guitars behind them? Where would Pete Townshend have been without John Entwistle, or Eddie Van Halen without Michael Anthony? As the only melodic instrument in the typical rhythm section, the bass guitar fills an essential sonic space in the sound spectrum of a band. This category is dedicated to celebrating the wonderful world of bass guitars.

Fantastic Instruments

If you are looking for a great bass, you should certainly do your homework so you make sure you get the best product possible before you commit to spending your hard earned money. Resources are available here that provide information on both older and brand new bass guitars. Whether your budget is small or large, you will find articles here that cover what you need to know.

Build Your Own

If you're both musical and like to work with your hands, you might be interested in learning how to build your own bass guitar. You can find all the information you will need for your project here, from plans to learning about kits.

Stay Tuned

New articles will be added to this category every month, so make sure you check back often to learn more about this often under-appreciated instrument. Articles about bass amps, effects, acoustic basses and more are in the planning, so make sure you bookmark this site so you can keep up to date!

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