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When a bassist experiences a custom shop bass guitar for the first time, it can be transformational. It also makes it hard to go back to retail store manufactured models. If you're eager to make that jump into… Keep reading »

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Bass guitar

Historically, electric guitar players have always generated the lion's share of attention in the world of music, but where would they be without the musicians playing bass guitars behind them? Where would Pete Townshend have been without John Entwistle, or Eddie Van Halen without Michael Anthony? As the only melodic instrument in the typical rhythm section, the bass guitar fills an essential sonic space in the sound spectrum of a band.

Buying a Bass

Buying a bass guitar is no small feat. Not only will it make a dent in your wallet, but there are lots of newer and older brands available. Using a bass guitar buying guide can help to answer some of your questions about the top-rated bass guitars or just short scale basses. Learn how to determine what you can afford and get the best brand for your buck. Getting that sweet sound doesn't mean you have to take out a loan if you know what you're doing.

Bass by Brand

Hardcore rockers or those new to the bass might have a specific brand in mind. Depending on who you talk to. You'll find that you can't beat a Squier bass or that a Rickenbacker bass is the way to go. Find information on those brands along with a Peavey Foundation or Schecter bass guitars. No matter what you are looking for, find more information on the brand you want to make a sound purchasing decision.

Going Custom

Getting a bass that is designed for you from the ground up might sound expensive. But once you hold that custom made bass in your hands, it might be hard to ever go back to a pre-manufactured model. Explore the different companies that can create a custom bass for you like Fender, Schecter and ESP. Learn not only how to order one but the pricing as well.

Practice Your Sound

Owning a bass isn't all about the buying. You have to be able to play it to. Your first time out, you aren't going to be a rock god, but with a little practice becoming the next Geddy Lee might not be out of reach. To begin your journey to a rock legend, you need to learn. Check out a free bass guitar chord chart or even bass guitar neck notes. Every professional needed to start somewhere.

Learning From Bassists

Looking at the professionals is sometimes the best way to harness your craft. Not only do you need to explore that smooth sound but see why they were the greatest. Use the American bass guitarists to help you explore some of the greats. Get expert advice on how to become a working guitarist from the bassist and composer Nate Perry. Looking to masters is the first step to greatness.

The Best of Bass

The history of bass guitars is long and vast. Whether you are buying a guitar, looking for chords or just trying to learn from top bassists, you can find everything you need in a click or two. And if you are just looking for bass wallpaper, you can find that too.

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