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Article Highlight: Unique Guitar Picks in Cool Shapes and Styles

For the guitarist, the guitar pick is an essential tool to make music. It's not only just a tool though, as your choice in picks can show off your personality and style. The following picks are some of the coolest… Keep reading »

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All About Guitar Accessories

Once you own a guitar, it's only natural to begin accumulating guitar accessories. Most players start their collection of gear by purchasing a case to protect their instrument when not in use. After that, the toys you purchase depend on just how serious you are about your music. If you have any intention of playing for an audience, the list can get quite long.

For example:

  • Guitar amps: If you're going to play an electric guitar, you can't do so without an amplifier. However, there are hybrid acoustic guitars that come with pickups, so you can choose to play them plugged or unplugged.
  • Picks: It's truly amazing how such a small thing like a guitar pick can add so much tonal clarity to your playing. Picks come in different shapes and materials so you can choose a combination that best suits your playing.
  • Straps - Straps don't just come in handy for holding your guitar so your hands are free to concentrate on playing. They also offer a way to express your style since the come in hundreds of designs.
  • Guitar stands: Although not essential, guitar stands do come in handy, especially if you need to leave your instrument on stage while you take a break.
  • Tuners: Honestly, you can't play decently if you're not in tune. Tuning forks, pitch pipes and electronic guitar tuners can all come in quite handy.
  • Effects pedals - When you're ready to experiment with your sound, various pedals can add distortion and other interesting effects.

That's just the short list. You can also experiment with different types of strings and other equipment to change up your sound. Guitar accessories can really broaden your playing perspective when you take advantage of what they have to offer, so keep visiting as more articles are added to this category.

Guitar Accessories