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Guitar Music

Article Highlight: Knocking on Heaven's Door Guitar Tab for Beginners

Knockin' on Heaven's Door is one of Bob Dylan's most recognizable songs, and it's also one of his easiest. Use tablature to play the song and get some fingerpicking variations to spice things up. Keep reading »

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Guitar and sheet music

Whether you're looking for specific songs or browsing through different styles, you'll find great tips and recommendations right here. Dig in and discover a variety of guitar music options, from printable chord charts to great sources for sheet music.

Instructions and Chords

Learn how to read chords, then find great chord charts and lyrics to play along with. Explore topics such as:

  • Song Chords: Find guitar chords to some of your favorite songs, such as Hotel California or Girl from Ipanema.
  • Specialty Chords: Whether you play a lap steel guitar or you play left-handed, get instructional help and resources for chord charts and lyrics.
  • Chord Instruction: Get simple, basic guitar chord instructions complete with helpful photos to help you correct your fingering.
  • Chord Charts: Download printable chord charts you can keep handy, and take a look at charts for other things like bass guitar notes.

Music Style

In addition to the basic chords and instructions, you'll also find information on specific styles of music, with topics like:

  • Locating Music: Find a list of places you can check out to find different types of music, from bluegrass to gospel to jazz.
  • Songs by Type: Find lists, chords and lyrics for things like Christmas music or find notes for rock music.
  • Guides: Get an in depth look at different guitar styles and playing methods, such as the bossa nova guitar.

Start Playing

With so many different songs and types of music at your disposal, you'll have no trouble finding new things to play. Turn to the chords, songs and charts found on LoveToKnow Guitar and expand your playing horizons.

Guitar Music