Guitar Images and Tutorials

Man playing electric guitar

Whether you want to learn how to change guitar strings or are looking for an awesome strap, guitar images can help you do it. An article can tell you how to play those chords, but a slideshow can show you. If you're a visual creature, get ready to find out all you ever wanted to know about types of guitars, guitarists and even chords.

Researching Types of Guitars

The beauty of a slideshow is that you can actually see what is being talked about. You'll be able to see the difference between an acoustic, bass and electric guitar. This can be really helpful for those visual learners out there. Explore the grandiose guitar generation.

Bass Guitars

Bass guitars have some obvious differences to their guitar siblings. They have a longer neck and richer tones than electric guitars. You can also find them in different string varieties, including 4- and 6-string. You might even be able to find a double bass. Whether you want to see pics of Schecter bass guitars or just looking for bass guitar wallpaper, find all the imagery that your eyes can take.

Acoustic Guitars

Whether you just like strumming at home or you're looking to be a folk god or goddess, acoustic guitars are where it is at. These diverse instruments can come in a variety of size, shapes colors and designs. Use this slideshow of acoustic pictures to find one that strikes your fancy or just get your daily guitar fix. And don't forget to check out the best of 12 string acoustics.

Electric Guitars

You can't say rock and roll without electric guitars. Well you could but it's hard to picture one without the other. Learn all you can about Ibanez electric guitars through guitar slideshows. You can even figure out how an electric guitar works to create that amazing sound.

Famous Guitarists

When you think of famous guitarists, does Jimmy Hendricks come to mind? While he was amazing, you can learn about other famous guitarists as well. And don't forget about the famous bass players. This can not only update your guitar knowledge but keep your mind fresh for that music trivia.

Learn Chords

Now that your eyes are full of guitars, it's time to learn the chords. Getting gnarly is more than just looking at words. Learn how to play cool jazz chords through a visual extravaganza. Explore easy guitar chords that beginners will enjoy. Whatever your level, images make it easier to learn.

Looking at Guitars

From drooling over awesome guitar pictures to examining the difference between guitars, you can learn it all by watching a slideshow. You might even learn a few new guitar riffs.

Guitar Images and Tutorials