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Article Highlight: Printable Music for the Easiest Pop Songs to Play on Guitar

Pop music can sometimes sound complicated because of elaborate production and recording techniques, but most pop songs are very simple. In fact, the following three pop songs for guitar are so easy even beginning… Keep reading »

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About Guitar Tabs

Guitar tabs are a type of musical notation that allow guitar players to read transcriptions of songs without needing to know how to read music. If you can count and read a map, you can learn how to read tabs. The information in these articles covers all aspects of guitar tablature including how to read it and where to find it.

Instructional Materials

Before you can use tabs to play your favorite songs, you have to learn to read them. Luckily, this is very easy! Check out the many articles on learning to read tabs, and you'll be up and running in no time flat.

Guitar Tabs

The Internet has become a huge resource for guitar tabs. Due to the interactive nature of the Internet, many sites allow users to post their own tabs and share their transcriptions with other guitar players. Some sites specialize in certain genres of music, and some sites are dedicated to particular artists.

Bass Tabs

Bass players are not second class citizens at LTK, and there are nearly as many online resources for bass players as there are for guitar players. Some sites specialize in bass tabs, so bassists can feel like they've got their own specific places to visit.

Books of Tabs

Before the Internet, tabs were only available in book form or passed by hand from one player to another. For those of you who like having your study materials in the old-fashioned format, there are plenty of publishers still producing books of tabs for guitarists and bassists.

Check back each month to learn where to find even more tabs.

Guitar Tabs