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Whether you're just learning to play bass guitar or are looking to expand your collection of bass tabs for Christian music, tabs are available online through a handful of reputable websites. Many of the tabs that you come across will have subtle differences so try several arrangements to see which ones best fit your playing style and ear.

Christian Guitar Resources

Christian Guitar Resources is a great source for Christian guitar music, but it also allows visitors the option to search strictly for bass tabs by either band name or song title. For example, you'll find:

  • Over 45 bass tabs for Delirious
  • A collection of 19 bass tabs for Christian music favorite DC Talk
  • Bass tabs for Sonicflood, including the tunes I Could Sing of Your Love and I Have Come to Worship.

The site also offers registered members the chance to rate each tab and see how many others checked out each song. Occasionally lyrics are provided as well.


Songsterr offers an extensive collection of music, though they don't focus solely on Christian bands. Use the search function to sort results by band or song, narrowing down your searches by selecting the "bass" option. This is a great site to find both commercially popular bands, as well as more obscure tracks from lesser-known artists. Soundtrack collections from films are also featured here, many with a Christian music theme.

Tabs at this site are rated by star system, with five stars being the best.

Rockin' With the Cross

While not a free site, Rockin' with the Cross by is a comprehensive site that features plenty of bass tabs for numerous Christian bands' songs. Registration and payment is required before you can view the tabs themselves, and membership fees are under $25 for six full months. You can browse the available artists and songs before signing up.

The site has other features in addition to the tabs, including instructional videos, a request system, and chord charts.

Lessons That Rock

The Christian bass tab library of Lessons That Rock might not be as big as the other sites, but they do have a well-rounded selection of artists, especially Christian rock bands, and they offer their tab in PDF files that you can download for free and use offline, which is a nice feature that not all of the previous sites offer.

In addition, this site has especially large collections of bass tabs for:

  • Switchfoot
  • Skillet
  • Audio Adrenaline
  • Five Iron Frenzy
  • Reliant K
  • Thousand Foot Krutch

The tabs are also of a nice quality, which is not surprising considering that the site is run by guitar and bass instructors.

Music Notes

The Christian bass tab section of Music Notes, while small, has professionally written high quality bass tabs for a few of the most popular Christian artists and worship leaders, including:

  • Chris Tomlin
  • Michael W. Smith
  • Newsboys
  • Paul Baloche
  • Matt Redman

Each tablature costs around $5.50 each, but you receive high quality sheet music that you can download and save offline.

Big Bass Tabs

Big Bass Tabs is not dedicated exclusively to Christian music, but it has such a vast library of songs that almost every major Christian artist is represented. Bass tabs can be found for artists such as:

  • tobyMac
  • Third Day
  • Jesus Culture
  • Hillsong
  • Hillsong United
  • Steven Curtis Chapman

The tabs are free to view, and to use the site you simply type in the name of the artist or the song in the search box at the top of the webpage.

Bass Versus Guitar Tabs

It's no secret the internet hosts many websites that offer guitar tabs for Christian music and other popular genres. However, these sites aren't always very useful for bass players. That's because basses are strung differently from regular guitars. They typically have just four strings instead of the six found on the average acoustic or electric guitar, and the fretboard is much longer. Music for bass is also generally written in bass clef, not treble. Basses also have a very different role in most tunes; they support the rhythm section and don't usually follow a melody line, instead underscoring it.

Inspiring Bass Tabs

Contemporary Christian music is upbeat and inspirational. From ballads to true rock and roll, you're certain to find bass guitar tabs for all of your Christian music favorites in no time at all.

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