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Unique Guitar Picks in Cool Shapes and Styles

Close-Up Of Guitar With Colorful Pick

For the guitarist, the guitar pick is an essential tool to make music. It's not only just a tool though, as your choice in picks can show off your personality and style. The following picks are some of the coolest you'll find online.

Adeline Chinese Wood Guitar Picks

For a really different set of picks, this set of three hand polished wooden picks look truly elegant and high end. The picks come in their own metal case and each pick is a different thickness and wood type. The South American rosewood pick is 1 mm, the swartiza spp pick is 1.2 mm and the Siamese rosewood is 2 mm. The set is about $12.

Pearl Shell Picks

Many guitar picks are made from shiny material but these pearl picks are definitely standouts from the crowd. The picks are made with 0.46 celluloid and are perfect for acoustic and classical style guitars. They come in a pack of 20 for about $10 and include a silver screw-top tin for keeping them safe. The pearl-like pattern is iridescent and almost looks like polished abalone shells.

Nylon Max-Grip Picks

Another pick that looks different from the usual set of shiny picks are these Dunlop Max-Grip Nylon Picks. The picks are made with nylon and a carbon additive and a patterned area for a secure grip. The design and comfort makes playing intricate notes easier and these picks are built to last as well. A bag of 24 is about 8 and they come in red, black and a carbon fiber color.

Dunlop Big Stubby Picks

These picks differ from the average picks in both their shape and materials and are an Amazon's Choice product. Made of lexan, apolycarbonate resin thermoplastic, they improve your grip, making it easier to play and improving your speed. Their also more durable and last longer than the average pick. They come in 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm thickness and in six or 24 packs in translucent red or purple. Pricing ranges from about $3.50 to $16 depending on thickness and package quantity.

Thumb and Finger Picks

While these types of picks have been used traditionally with ukuleles, you can use them with other types of guitars like an electric or acoustic guitar. They're made from celluloid and the wrap around design can provide extra comfort by protecting your fingers more than a traditional guitar pick design. The finger pick design also helps them last longer than a typical pick. They range from $7 to $8 for a pack of 12 and come in six different colors to a pack.

Quarter Guitar Picks

These cool guitar picks not only look like quarters, they're actually from real quarters! Each pick is unique as they have different dates based on the quarters that were used. These picks are small works of art and have been used by rock guitar legends like Brian May from Queen and Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. One picks sells for about $13 or you can get the pick with an accompanying black gift bag for about $15.

Personalized Stainless Steel Guitar Pick

Show off your own personality on a guitar pick with these personalized stainless steel guitar picks. These picks come in 1.2 mm and in brush or high gloss finish. The picks are made from stainless steel and you can add up to three lines of text with a maximum of 15 characters per line. The picks are about $6 each or you can get a set of four for about $5.

ZeroGravity Orbit Guitar Pick

Another unique and cool-looking pick is the ZeroGravity Orbit pick. The pick is made from rubber to provide a good grip and the ergonomic design makes playing easier on tired fingers. The unusual design also makes it harder for you to drop a pick accidentally as it wraps around your finger. A single pick sells for about $3 or a three-pack is about $8.

Finding the Coolest Guitar Picks

There are so many options for guitar picks that there's no reason to settle for boring old picks. Some guitarists love picks so much they enjoy collecting them and have a bevy of unusual and cool picks to show off to their fellow musicians. Unusual and cool designs can also help you play better and reduce strain on your hands and fingers, so don't be afraid to try some of these picks out as many are designed to be more than just picks that stand out in the crowd.

Unique Guitar Picks in Cool Shapes and Styles