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Kid Acoustic Guitars

Thomma Lyn Grindstaff
Girl strumming a child's guitar

With child-friendly smaller guitars, you don't have to wait for your children to grow to get them started on this instrument. The key to giving your child a good start in learning guitar is choosing the right sized instrument with features that will encourage his or her desire to learn and practice. These guitars are comfortable for kids to play and easily portable.

Good Acoustic Guitar Choices for Kids

The following brands manufacture guitars intended especially for kids and have received high marks from guitar reviewers:

Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock specializes in guitars for girls. These guitars are attractive and affordable and offer great inspiration to girls who want to learn to play. Small-scale acoustic guitars from Daisy Rock offer features that make them great for kids, such as slender necks that fit small hands and lightweight bodies that are easy for small players to handle. Reviewers cite these instruments' winning combination of quality construction and aesthetic appeal and eagerly dub them excellent beginner guitars.

First Act

First Act Discovery offers guitars for very young children, from three to nine years old. These basic guitars are very affordable and come in one-quarter scale. First Act Discovery guitars feature low string action for comfortable playing, and each guitar comes with a set of chord cards to help children learn their chords. These instruments are praised by reviewers for being a great way to start a young child on the guitar. Older kids who are new to the guitar can opt for a three-quarter size instrument from First Act, which gets kudos from reviewers for its kid-friendly size, affordable price, and ability to hold its tune.

Aurora Borealis

Luna Guitars Aurora Borealis guitar
Luna Guitars Aurora Borealis guitar

Aurora Borealis acoustic guitars are manufactured by Luna Guitars especially for young people. These three-quarter size guitars offer child-friendly features such as light cutaway bodies and eye-catching designs that appeal to young girls. Reviewers give the thumbs-up to these guitars for their easy playability and pleasing tone.

Hohner Kids

Hohner, Inc., a company that manufactures musical instruments of all kinds, has a special division that makes instruments for children. From Hohner Kids comes the DN48, a one-quarter size acoustic guitar that is just right for young children interested in getting their very first guitar. Child-friendly features include nylon strings and a low action, both of which enhance playability and the pleasure of learning the guitar when first getting started.


Requinto 580 guitar from Cordoba
Requinto 580 guitar from Cordoba

Cordoba makes nylon string guitars in a variety of sizes, including half size and three-quarter sizes for children. The Requinto 580 is a half size guitar suitable for young children, and the Cadete is a three-quarter size guitar suitable for older children. Smaller-scale Cordoba guitars are lightweight, easy to play, and do not skimp on quality. They are known for their rich sound in the tradition of the Spanish Flamenco style. Cordoba acoustic guitars for children get high marks from reviewers for being one of the most outstanding kid-friendly guitars on the market.

Characteristics of Acoustic Guitars for Children

Since size does indeed matter when choosing an acoustic guitar for your child, kid-friendly guitars come in several different sizes, which are generally appropriate for children of varying ages and heights.

  • 1/8 size - two to three years old and below 3'3"
  • 1/4 size - four to six years old and from 3'3" to 3'9"
  • 1/2 size - five to eight years old and from 3'10" to 4'5"
  • 3/4 size - eight to eleven years old and from 4'6" to 4'11"
  • 7/8 size - eleven years old and taller than 5'0"

When shopping for the best guitar for your child, you have to think not only about what fits her now, but also about her age and how fast she's growing. If she's growing so quickly that you can barely keep her in shoes and jeans, then you may want to go for one size up when picking a guitar. Alternatively, you can go for the size that fits now, purchasing a basic, cheap guitar for the time being with the intention of upgrading to something fancier when she grows a bit more.

The Importance of Strings

Strings are another issue to keep in mind when choosing an acoustic guitar for a child. Steel strings are generally the norm for the average acoustic guitar, but nylon strings work best for small guitars for a couple of reasons. First, nylon strings are much lighter and easier for small hands to hold down. Also, steel strings tend to get a little too much on the treble end when used on a smaller sized guitar. Nylon strings sound better when the guitar is small.

Give a Child an Excellent Start

A good quality acoustic guitar in a child-appropriate size can constitute a great start to any young person's musical journey. A guitar that isn't fun to play might cause a child to give up too soon on learning. On the other hand, if a child starts out with a small guitar that buttresses his or her growing enthusiasm for music, then that guitar will become a gift that keeps on giving throughout the years, turning those early music lessons into a well-loved, lifelong path.

Kid Acoustic Guitars