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It's a great time to be a kid who wants to learn electric guitar. In today's market, almost every major guitar maker has taken the time to create high quality miniature replicas of their most famous guitar designs.

Squier Mini Strat

The Squier Mini Strat, rated a 4.9 out of 5 on Kid Guitarist and described as the most popular electric guitar for kids, is made by Fender, the same company who makes the famous Stratocasters. It is a bare-boned version of the legendary guitar, which makes it affordable at about $130 new just over $100 used on Amazon.

It includes the following features:

  • Squier Mini Strat
    Squier Mini Strat
    A light-weight design, 3/4 the size of a normal guitar at 22.75" in length, perfect for ages 6 through 10
  • A replica Stratocaster appearance with an attractive variety of colors: Torino Red, Blue, Sunburst, and Pink
  • Strings that are set up close to the frets, which makes it easy for children's hands to play
  • Three single-coil pickups, just like the full-size Strat, which gives it the classic Strat sound

It's hard to go wrong with a Fender Stratocaster. The beauty about this miniature version is that when the child grows out of it, they can keep it as a quality travel guitar that offers a classic Strat electric sound on the road.

Les Paul Special II

The Les Paul Special II, recommended by The Hub at Musician's Friend, is a replica of Gibson's iconic instrument, except at a smaller 24.75" scale. For around $210, you can purchase this guitar along with a starter kit that includes an amplifier, case, strap, pinch-on tuner, picks, and a cable.

The guitar includes the following features:

  • Les Paul Special II
    Les Paul Special II
    It has a light-weight design, like the Mini Strat, which makes it easy for beginners to play.
  • You can choose between the classic Les Paul sunburst appearance or an elegant ebony color.
  • It has am Epiphone 650R Humbucker and 700T Humbucker that faithfully produces the classic Les Paul sound.

This guitar is of such high quality that, according to The Hub, adult players love taking it on the road as a workhorse guitar and leaving their more expensive Les Pauls at home.

The Lefty-Friendly Ibanez 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar

This miniature Ibanez, the same smaller size scale as the Mini Strat and Les Paul, offers somewhat of a middle point between the two at a price of about $150. Another top-rated guitar on Kid Guitarist, rated 4.7 our of 5 stars, it is a replica of Ibanez's most well known axe, the RG.

Some of the guitar's features include:

  • It has a style design modeled after heavy metal guitars made famous by metal bands like Metallica and Megadeath (which is something to consider before purchasing it)
  • The Mikro comes in a left-handed version for any lefty kids who don't want to adapt to a right-handed guitar. The other miniature guitars, such as the Mini Strat, do not offer a left-handed version.
  • It comes in a gorgeous array of colors: Black Night, White, Jewel Blue, Metallic Purple, and Red.

Ibanez guitars definitely have a heavier sound to them when distortion is applied, which might be appropriate if your child plans to crank up the metal. But to some extent, this is also a generalization. The Ibanez also has a beautiful non-distorted clean sound that can make any genre sound gorgeous.

Dean Baby V (For the Kid Who Really Wants a Flying V)

This guitar recreates the famous V-shaped electric guitar that many people have fixed in their minds when they think of a rock guitarist playing killer solos in a hard rock or metal band. Dean sells the guitar for $200.

Some of the guitar's features include:

  • Two high-output humbucker pickups that give the Flying V a flying sound to match, especially for screaming lead solos that your child will learn
  • A beautiful but very sturdy basswood body
  • A smooth high-gloss powder black finish

If you love these Dean miniature guitars, the brand also sells the Baby ML and the Baby Z, modeled after other famous guitars with oddly cool shapes.

Pignose PGG Mini Electric

Made by the legendary battery powered mini-amplifier company Pignose, these guitars were originally designed for travelers, but they are great for younger guitarists ages 6 to 10 like the other miniature guitars on this list.

Pignose PGG Mini Electric
Pignose PGG Mini Electric

Note: It is on the higher end of miniature guitars, ranging from $330 to $400 on Ebay, but it has a built-in amp and luxury touches like gold hardware.

The guitar's features also include:

  • 24" scale size, similar to the other miniature guitars on the market
  • The famous Pignose humbucker sound recreated faithfully in a smaller body design
  • Brown sunburst, metallic blue, candy apple red, custom gold, and custom black finishes

With a built-in amp, it will save you the hassle of shelling out extra dollars for a speaker system.

Rogue Rocketeer

The Rogue Rocketeer, which is the lowest priced miniature guitar on this list at about $80, is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Guitar Center, and it is one of the stores top sellers.

Some of the guitar's features include:

  • A very small 23" scale size well-suited for small hands
  • High-output single humbucker pickup with great clarity for such a small guitar
  • Beautiful maple wood neck and sturdy basswood body

Its smaller size, even smaller than most of the other miniature guitars, makes it a good choice for players on the younger end of the 6 to 10-year-old range.

A Few More Tips On Buying a Miniature Electric Guitar for Children

As you explore the options for miniature guitars, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Try to have your child play a miniature guitar in-person and make note of its size. If the local Guitar Center is available, have your child try it out and use their playing experience as a guide for when you're looking at other models online.
  • Know the difference between a toy guitar and a real electric guitar that's been miniaturized. The key difference is simple: toy guitars have plastic parts in some or all of its components. Real guitars always use standard electric guitar materials: quality wood, metal, and die-cast tuning machines.
  • Miniature electric guitars are usually ideal for children starting at age 6. If your child is younger than age 6, usually a children's acoustic guitar works better.

Let Your Child Help You Decide On the Right Guitar

It's easy for the parent to get excited about a certain guitar but if you want your child to stick with playing the instrument, make sure he or she is as excited about the particular model as you are. Involve them in the shopping process, and it will help motivate their commitment to playing it.

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