Wood Guitar Stand

Wood guitar stands

A wood guitar stand can be just as beautiful as the guitar it holds, and it can add a wonderfully atmospheric touch to your home, practice space, or recording studio. Many style and budget options exist, however, and it helps to have a thorough sense of what the market offers, from the low-end bargain stands to the high-end luxury products.

Low-Range Single Instrument Stands

A single instrument stand is designed to hold one acoustic or electric guitar at a time. The following options offer functional, quality wood stands at low prices. If you just need something basic to keep your guitar off the ground and you don't want to pay much, these are great choices.

  • Pros: Guitarists on the road or who don't have a huge budget will benefit from a low-end wood stand because they're typically more portable (besides being more affordable).
  • Cons: While the cheaper guitar stands are functional, they're not especially known for their beauty when you compare them to their higher end counterparts. If this stand will be a meaningful part of your home's furniture, you might want to save for a middle- or high-end wood stand.

The 'Wooden Wood' Basic Stand

The Wooden Wood guitar stand is at bare-bones and basic as it ranges from about $9 to $20 on ebay, but it is functional and can fit several types of instruments (guitar, bass, ukelele). This is on the extreme low end, however. Don't let it set your cost expectations. Most quality wood guitar stands start at around $50 to $100 on the low end and go as high as about $1,000 (or even higher) for the high-end custom wood stands.

Taylor Guitar's Stand

Taylor Travel Guitar Stand, Sapele
Taylor Travel Guitar Stand, Sapele

Taylor Guitars, the builder of the famous Taylor acoustic guitars, has its own line of wood guitar stands. Its wood model for about $59.00 is still on the low end of guitar stands, and it offers the quality for which Taylor is well-known. It is also foldable, small, and easy to take in gig bags on the road.

Etsy Stand

Many guitar consumers never think to look on Etsy, an online store that is known for its homemade crafts, but many wood builders produce quality items, including wood guitar stands. This Etsy wood guitar stand, for example, handmade by an Etsy user and on sale for around $36, is made to hold acoustic guitars in a simple but beautiful wood design made from oak, red oak, maple, or cherry wood.

Mid-Range Single Instrument

These single instrument stands are more expensive than the low-end products, but they deliver higher quality and beauty.

  • Pros: They offer an excellent middle-ground combination of economy and handmade beauty that begins to hint at the high-end custom designs.
  • Cons: Wood stands capable of holding an electric guitar tend to fall on the higher side of the mid-range stands--close enough to the high end that if you're an electric guitar player, it might convince you to just save your money for a high-end stand.

American Walnut Wood Stand

An Etsy item from Kokopelli Stands, this wood guitar stand, priced at about $75, comes handmade in walnut wood from a shop in Georgia. At a price that's on the cheaper end of the mid-range cost of stands, it offers not only a beautiful handmade look that would look attractive as furniture, it is a quality design with padding to protect your acoustic guitar from scratches.

Etsy Three-Piece Stand

This Etsy mahogany wood guitar stand for around $120 is easily assembled with three pieces that fit together. With a neck-supporting piece at 32 inches high, it is meant to be a display piece that highlights its polished wood as much as the guitar it holds.

Slay Frame Stand

The Slay Frame stands, which range from about $120 to $360, are where the products begin to look especially gorgeous--something that be a valuable decorative addition to your home or studio space along with offering superb stand design for your guitar. You can choose from over twelve types of wood and models that have beautiful brass hinges and lamb's wool for padding.

High-Range Single Instrument

If you're not worried about a budget limit and you just want the highest quality you can find, these artisans have amazing quality products that will stand as works of art in your home or studio while holding your prized guitar.

  • Pros: They offer the very best in both utility and artful design, and they will turn as many heads as your best guitar.
  • Cons: Some of them are on the extreme high end, which makes it difficult for most musicians to reach.

'Take a Stand' Elegant Stands

Wood guitar stands at Take a Stand
Guitar stands at Take a Stand

Take a Stand specializes in making stunning, elegant works of art that are also well-designed wood guitar stands with innovative functionality. They have two designs, the SM Stand, which starts at around $475, and the WM Stand, which starts at about $625. They feature book matched bases, suede leather support, trims with contrasting wood, gold powder coating, and machined metal feet.

Custom Made Marketplace Stands

The Custom Made wood builder marketplace features a variety of high end custom-made wood guitar stands starting around $400. This wood stand from Reed's Wood Shop, for example, features a gorgeous "Hercules" design that has the guitar floating in the air.

South Mountain Woodworks Stool-Stand Combo

South Mountain Woodworks has taken the guitar-stand-as-furniture idea literally. It has made a custom wood guitar stand that doubles as a stool. Priced at about $520, the stool-stand features beautiful crafted handmade wood design from a shop in Pennsylvania, and the stands can be made for electric or acoustic guitars.

Low-Range Multiple Instrument Stands

For guitarists who have a family of axes that need to rest their weary head stocks at night, these low cost options, while certainly not at the rock-bottom level as the single guitar wood stands, are on the lower end of what multi-instrument wood guitar stands cost.

  • Pros: The low price makes it easier to afford efficient storage options when you own multiple guitars.
  • Cons: Guitar racks take up more space than other guitar stands, and the low-range products do not always look especially attractive, which can be a larger eyesore than just a single-instrument guitar stand.

String Swing Side-Loading Rack

The String Swing brand, sold for about $90, is a basic, functional guitar rack that looks nice--maybe not drop-dead gorgeous--but it does the job. It can hold six electric guitars loaded from the side. It is made of durable ash hardwood and is foldable, which makes it easy to take it on the go.

On-Stage Case Rack

When you see the wide range of prices for racks and how high they get, it might be time to consider a creative, cheaper option: get a guitar case rack instead. Case racks tend to be cheaper. Sure, you don't have the convenience of a rack where the guitar sits on display, ready to grab and play. However, if you're looking for storage and don't mind the extra step of putting your guitar in and out of its case, a case rack can help your budget.

The On-Stage brand goes for about $65, and it features a foldable design for easy transport.

Mid-Range Multi

These mid-range options for multi-guitar stands are certainly pricier, but they bring the quality up a noticeable notch.

  • Pros: You can get some surprisingly excellent products for mid-range prices. Some of them seem just as good or better than the high-end racks.
  • Cons: Some of them are on the extreme high end, which makes it difficult for most musicians to reach.

Stand Made

Oak Wood Guitar Rack for 3 Guitars
3-Guitar Oak Rack at Stand Made

This UK-based company, which is now beginning to open their doors to taking overseas orders if you fill out this form, makes some of the most gorgeous looking mid-range guitar racks on the market. Besides the elegant curved design, they feature weathered oak and antique brown wood that give the racks a beautiful character--almost reminiscent of the weathered curved pews at the famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

Their mid-range 3-guitar weathered oak racks start around $285 (after you convert from UK's pounds).

Rock Solid Guitar Stands

Rock Solid's beautiful mahogany The Classic 4 guitar rack has some unique things going for it: it's a little smaller than most guitar racks at 33 inches wide, yet it holds four guitars, which makes it a fantastic choice for someone with plenty of guitars but not much living space. It comes in at about $170, which is on the lower end of mid-range.

High-Range Multi

Buying one of these beautiful works of art is like adding a handcrafted luxury furniture item to your space.

  • Pros: High-end guitar racks tend to the best of the best of guitar storage options, which means you will likely get the kind of quality that famous record producers and rock stars expect when they house their rows of axes on racks.
  • Cons: Some of the high-end racks aren't much of a huge leap above the mid-range products, and it should take a supremely awesome high-end guitar rack that has truly grabbed your heart to convince you to shell out the extra money.

Guitar Storage

Ranging from $460 to $500, the Session Deluxe Multiple Guitar stands from Guitar Storage has an irresistible bookend design shaped to imitate the body of a hollow electric guitar. The rack has gorgeous walnut or red oak finish, padding along the edges to protect the guitars, and special trays for guitar picks and other accessories.

Natural Edge Saw Works Guitar Rack

Handcrafted wood guitar stand
Wood Guitar Stand by Natural Edge Saw Works

When you venture into sites like Custom Made, that is when you enter the truly high end side of guitar storage. For example, Custom Made's Handed Crafted Guitar Stand by Natural Edge Saw Works, which cost $1,500, features:

  • An artisan quality hand-carved design with curly maple edges that maintain a natural look as if your guitar rack was made by a woodland elf
  • Cross rail created using re-purposed red gum eucalyptus taken from the Berkeley Hills fire of 1991.
  • Custom dimension options so the rack you order will be made to the specifications that best fit your space.

Other racks on the Custom Made site range from $700 for a fancy curvy wood-carved rack to the extreme high-end, such as glass case-enclosed racks that cost around $5,500.

A Few More Tips

As you peruse the many wood guitar stand options, keep an eye on these important areas of wood stand functionality so your new stand doesn't fail and damage your guitar:

  • Low center of gravity is crucial. It will help the stand restabilize quickly should it ever get bumped. The base should be wider than the top half of the stand.
  • Make sure it has tilt support. The base cradles your instrument but without some kind of support feature to keep the neck from slipping to one side or the other, the stand is useless. Some designs feature an extended neck rest with a secure bracket to keep the neck in place. Shorter designs tend to hold the body of the guitar itself in place to prevent tilting, leaving the neck completely free.
  • Look for a slant. A stand that slants backward slightly will hold your guitar a bit more securely than a rigidly vertical stand.
  • Padding is key. A high quality padding should cover all of the pressure points where your guitar rests against the stand.

Give Your Guitar a Worthy Home

When you fall in love with your aristry, whether it's painting, dancing, playing guitar, or building superb wood guitar stands beautiful enough to win a contest, you eventually reach a point where you want to have an inspiring, high-quality environment to support that art. Buying a premier handmade wood guitar stand is one way a dedicated guitarist can accomplish that.

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