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Once thought of as simply the low cost version of the Gibson guitar line, Epihone guitars are starting to stand out on their own as exceptional instruments and great values. Over the years, Epiphone has produced many sought after guitar models that stand out in an over-saturated guitar market. The following are some of the most notable guitars currently being produced by Epiphone.

Selections from the Epiphone Guitar Line

The following acoustic and electric guitars are stand-outs in the Epiphone line. The links associated with each guitar will take you to online retailers where you can purchase one for yourself.

Acoustic Guitars

The price of these acoustic guitars will impress you as much as their style and sound.

Dove - The Dove is an affordable, dreadnought acoustic guitar with a ton of style. The maple body and spruce top provide a clear, bright sound. What is striking about this guitar, however, is the Dove etching on the pickguard and the beautiful cut rosewood bridge - two details that make it a real headturner.

Hummingbird - Based on the Gibson model with the same name, this guitar has a sunburst finish, a mahogany body and a spruce top. The famous hummingbird engraved on the pickguard makes this guitar look like a classic right out of the case.

Arch Top Guitars

Epiphone's line of arch top guitars has been its bread and butter for years. These beautiful instruments will wow you with their incredible value and craftsmanship.

Epiphone Dot - Based on the ES line of Gibson guitars, the Dot series offers a tremendous amount of bang for your buck. The sound of the twin humbuckers combined with the semi-hollow body creates warm, fat tones that are perfect for jazz, blues, and rock and roll. The twin f-holes add a classic bit of styling that makes this guitar a great option for those who want to look cool, too.

Casino - The Casino was a model similar to the guitar John Lennon played in the Let it Be rooftop performance. This semi-acoustic has a great jangle that can get as fuzzy and nasty as you like when you add a bit of volume and distortion. A sunburst finish and vintage tailpiece complete the package with style.

Solid Body Guitars

These are the rock and roll monsters of the Epiphone line. They are not for the faint of heart.

Les Paul Custom - This amazing guitar has all the beef and grit of the original Les Paul guitar yet is available for a fraction of the price. Two Alnico humbuckers and a set mahogany neck give this guitar a fat tone and sustain that has been famous since the Les Paul was invented in the 1950s.

G400 - The G400 is an SG type guitar based off the early 1960s versions of this canonical instrument. It features a mahogany neck and body and two Alnico humbuckers and is available in cherry or ebony.

Firebird Studio - This is another version of a classic from the early days of rock and roll. With a faded cherry satin finish, an unmistakable body style, and its dual humbuckers with Steinberger gearless tuners, this guitar will turn heads and ears.

1962 Wilshire Reissue - The above guitars are in the expected range of high-value, moderately priced instruments that have made Epiphone famous. The Wilshire reissue, however, is a true work of art. This guitar is vintage all the way, with two P90 pickups, Klusen tuners, a cherry finish, and a unique double cutaway body style that looks unique yet familiar at the same time. This guitar is an example of the fine craftsmanship of which Epiphone is capable.

The Epiphone Story

Interestingly, even though Epiphone is closely associated with Gibson guitars, their history goes back to the 1870s. The company was started in Greece by a luthier who made mandolins and lutes. The company moved to America in the early 1900s and continued to make these traditional instruments until the mid-1950s when it was bought by the Chicago Music Company - the company that also owned Gibson guitars. The company is now a subsidiary of Gibson which explains why many of the instruments are visually similar to Gibson guitars, yet available at a more affordable price.

Don't Let the Price Fool You

Epiphone is a guitar company with a long, celebrated history. If you are looking for a classic guitar but can't afford the high prices that the famous, top-of-the-line guitars demand, Epiphone guitars are a very respectable option.

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