Blank Guitar Tablature

tablature simplifies sheet music

Whether you're a novice or a pro, you can make use of blank tablature sheets, and you'll find several styles here that you can print for free. Guitar tablature offers an excellent way for you to learn or write out your favorite songs without knowing how to read music. If you can read numbers, you can read tablature. This system opens up the world of guitar to anyone who has a basic command of the instrument. If you have a moderate amount of experience on the guitar you can probably play just about anything using tablature. Once you start learning how to read guitar tablature, you may wish to create your own tablature, either of your own songs or those that have yet to be tabbed out.

Printable Blank Tablature

Writing tablature is definitely easier when you have a blank to work on. Here are several styles of tab blanks. Check them all out and use whichever style best fits your needs.

If you need help downloading any of the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Combination Standard Notation and Tablature

Combination blank staff and tab

You can use this blank to record a melody in standard musical notation on top and the corresponding tablature on the bottom. This way another guitarist will be able to play your song whether he reads music or not.

Blank Tab Sheet Marked in Measures

Blank tablature sheet

If all you need is a basic tab blank marked in measures, the printable should serve your needs nicely.

Numbered Tablature Sheet

Blank tablature sheet with strings numbered

This tab sheet already has the strings numbered for your convenience.

Blank Chord Charts

Blank chord charts

Chord charts can also come in handy. Fill in these blanks with exactly the chords you need.

How Tablature Works

Tablature represents the strings of a guitar using lines. For a standard guitar tablature sheet there will be six lines. For a bass guitar there will be four. A number through the line represents what fret to press down to play the proper note. For example, the numeral "1" on the lowest line would denote an "F" note, while the numeral "2" on the second lowest line would indicate a "B" note. An "x" means that the string is not plucked or strummed, while a zero indicates that the string is to be plucked or strummed open.

Often times you will find that a song will have the tablature for various chords at the beginning. Sometimes these use a slightly different format called a chord chart. Chord charts are just like tablature, except that there are vertical as well as horizontal lines. This is because for any chord there is only one possible finger position for each string. You will then find the name of the chord above the word in the lyrics where the chord change occurs. This is done in the name of simplicity, as it is much easier to learn the chords and then see where the chord changes occur than it is to reproduce the chord every time that a change takes place -- both for the person transcribing the song and the person playing it.

Using Blank Tablature

Blank tablature is nothing more than a series of lines that correspond to the strings on your guitar. You can print out the convenient tab sheets offered below, or you can make your own using any kind of lined paper. As you figure out how to play a song, simply make notes on the paper denoting what to play and in what order. This can be particularly useful for learning how to play the guitar solo in a song. You can also use this to make notes on songs that you are writing yourself.

Writing Your Own Songs Using Tablature

You can write down your own songs on blank tablature. This is a convenient and easy way for you to keep track of what you are writing when you don't know how to read music. The problem with this is that tablature has no easy way to keep track of timing. The best way to get around this is to record what you have written as well as keeping tablature of it. You can do this using a tape recorder or by plugging your instrument into your computer and recording digitally.

Sharing Tablature with Others

There are a number of online communities, such as Ultimate Guitar Tabs that specialize in guitar tablature. You can share your hard work transcribing songs on these websites. There are forums on the websites where people request songs from other users of the community. Transcribing these songs will make you new virtual friends who may be more than willing to fulfill your requests for song transcriptions that you can figure out. Becoming a part of this community will bring you into contact with other people who are passionate about playing the guitar, people who can provide you with other tips on using blank tablature.

Time to Get Started

The best way to learn how to write your own tablature is just to jump in and do it. You've got the knowledge and the blanks right here at your fingertips. Now all you need is the inspiration and you'll find yourself tabbing in no time.

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