Fender Princeton Amp Kit

Amplifier kit

A Fender Princeton amp kit can help you build what you can't afford - a full tube amplifier with a classic sound. At $1,259.00 (manufacturer's suggested retail price), you may have difficulty laying out the cash for the real thing. Fortunately, there are a variety of options for players who don't have the money to throw down, but they do have knowledge of electronics and some elbow grease. Plus, you get some things that you don't get from purchasing a store-bought amplifier: a sense of intimacy with every part of your amplifier and an interesting electrical engineering project to keep your occupied.

Build-Your-Own Fender Princeton Amps

A Fender Princeton amp kit is based on the specifications of the real Fender Princeton, released in 1965. This is a classic amp that is much sought after by collectors for its tone, quality and historical value. You can purchase a number of kits online that allow you to reproduce the classic look and sound of the original amplifier from the comfort of your own home.

  • Mojo Blackface: The Mojo Blackface is available in a variety of prices depending on which parts you need. This makes it a perfect option for the person who has access to original Fender Princeton amplifier parts. Even just having the cabinet will save you over $100 and drop the price from $999.00 to $875.00. You can purchase the amp kit for as little as $749.00 without speakers, a cabinet or tubes.
  • Allen Sweet Spot: The Allen Sweet Spot can be purchased already built or in kit form, as per your preference. The amplifier is, according to the Web site, "loosely based" on the Fender Princeton. You can purchase a chassis, a head or a full kit depending on your needs. This kit will run you between $800.00 and $1300.00.
  • DIY: With a sufficient degree of knowledge about electrical engineering, you can build your own Fender Princeton without the help of a kit. Electrical schematics are widely available online.

Equipment Needed for Building Your Amp

You will need more than just your kit to put your new amplifier together. You will also need a set of hand tools like screwdrivers and wrenches. Two important tools that you will need are a voltometer and a soldering iron. These are necessary for doing the electrical work and construction of the amplifier's innards. Your amp kit will come with a full list of tools as well as some instructions on how to put the amp together.

Fender Princeton Amp Kit Is Challenging but Rewarding

Once you get the kit home, you can begin putting the amp together. This may be why you bought the kit in the first place -- not to have an amp per se, but to have something to do. Whether you play guitar or not, putting together an amp from a kit is a challenging electrical engineering project, as well as an experience that will last a lifetime.

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Fender Princeton Amp Kit