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guitar player clipart

Whether you're a musician or not, you can have a lot of fun with guitar clip art. Eye-catching guitar images will help you communicate your affinity for your favorite instrument and your passion for music.

Free Clip Art for Guitar Lovers

Enjoy these free images, including acoustic and electric guitars in both black and white and color, as well as a guitarist and a pick. The images have been designed against no backgrounds, allowing you maximum creativity in using them.

To download these free clip art images, simply place your cursor on the image of your choice, and then right click to save it to your computer.

black and white guitar clipart
colored acoustic guitar clipart
black and white electric guitar clipart
electric guitar clipart
guitar pick
guitar player clipart

Uses for Guitar Clip Art

There are all kinds of ways to enjoy guitar clip art, and they're limited only by your imagination. Try these out, both online and offline.

Social Media

Clip art can be a great way to enhance your presence on social media. Whether you're a musician or simply a music lover, you can use appealing guitar images to make your social media channels fun places for your friends or your fans to interact with you and with each other.


Do you like to express your love of music through scrapbooking? If so, you can use guitar clip art on pages you devote to your favorite artists, important songs, and memorable concerts. If you're a guitarist, attractive images of your favorite stringed instrument make a great way to spice up your scrapbook layout.

Greeting Cards

If you enjoy creating your own greeting cards, you can use guitar clip art in your designs. Use greeting cards embellished with guitar imagery to touch base with friends who are musicians, or if you're a guitarist, musical images can be part of your signature style.

Getting the Word Out

Perhaps you teach guitar lessons, or perhaps you have a guitar to sell. You might even be starting up a rock and roll band, and you want people to join. No matter what you might be trying to spread the word about that's guitar-related, you can use free clip art to design flyers.


If you're into journaling, you can add guitar images to the front of your journals or in the pages themselves. When you're passionate about music, images that bring your passion to mind will make your journal feel even more like your private, personal haven.

Projects for Kids

Do you have a little one who is an aspiring musician? Guitar clip art can help embellish art projects for school or craft projects for kids at home.

More Options for Guitar Images

Want more guitar-related clip art? You'll find a wealth of possibilities online, free for the downloading.

  • Musical Graphics Galore - Here, you'll find images of acoustic guitars and electric guitars in all colors and sizes and from multiple angles. If animated clip art is your thing, look no further: you'll be able to download spinning and rotating guitars to your heart's content.
  • Free Vectors - This site offers a gigantic selection of guitar clip art, including electric and acoustic guitars in a variety of styles, colors, and positions, as well as other images like pedals, cords, and tuning pegs. You will also find guitars of all kinds embedded in fanciful designs plus plenty of images of guitarists rocking out.
  • Clipart Panda - In addition to various electric and acoustic guitar images, you'll also find cool guitar outlines here. These are just the thing if you want a minimalist effect in your clip art.
  • Webweaver's Free Clipart - Here, you'll discover a wide assortment of guitar-related clip art, including a Flying V electric guitar, a large blue pick, and animated images of guitarists playing their instruments.
  • - Here, you can browse through a truly gargantuan variety of music-related clip art. In addition to guitars of all kinds, you'll also find amps, picks, and images of guitarists and bands.
  • Classroom Clipart - If you want clip art of funny characters playing guitar, check out this site. It's populated by enthusiastic boys and girls, a lion, a monkey, and Santa Claus, all of whom are playing their guitars. Some of the images are animated, adding to the fun. The clip art on this site would work great for guitar-related kids' projects. You can download the images as they are presented for free, and if you become a paid member, you'll get additional options in sizes and file types.

Share Your Love of the Guitar

Clip art is a great way to express your love for the guitar and share it with others. With a wide array of images at your fingertips, you'll be able to add plenty of musical spice to your projects.

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