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Fender Guitar Amps

fender guitar sitting in front of amplifier

Fender amps are versatile amps that work for jazz, country, blues, and rock. Particularly when paired with a Fender guitar, these amplifiers have a distinctive tone that is as sought after as a vintage Vox or a Marshall half-stack. There are a variety of Fender guitar amps on the market that offer a number of different sounds and can meet any volume need and budget.

Tube Amps

Tube amps are known for their distinctive warm tones. Fender offers several all-tube amps that give your guitar a vintage tone ranging from twangy country to blazing rock and roll.

  • '57 Twin: A reissue of one of the most collectible amps ever, this is an all-tube model that is great for playing vintage blues, country and rock and roll. The amp has an output of 40 watts through two 12-inch speakers. The tweed covering offers a vintage look to go along with the vintage sound. The amp retails for around $3,000.00.
  • '59 Bassman: Originally invented for the Fender Precision Bass, this 50-watt amplifier quickly became popular with guitar players because of its ability to keep up with a full backing band of horns, piano, and a drum kit. You can pick up a new '59 Bassman reissue for just under $2,000.00.
  • Blues Deluxe: The Blues Deluxe is more than just an amplifier for playing vintage blues. It is also a prized amp for country and vintage rock. The 40-watt, tweed-covered amp pumps out sound through a single 12-inch speaker. The MSRP is just over $1,000.00.
  • Champion 600: If you are looking for something for noodling around in the living room, rather than rocking around on stage, you will want to look into the Champion 600. This little 5-watt amp gives you a classic Fender tube tone at a low price and a quieter volume. A brand new Champion 600 will set you back about $250.00.

Solid State Amplifiers

Solid state amps offer a chunkier tone, often at a reduced price. This amp style has as many adherents as tube amps.

  • Acoustasonic SFXII 120V: This 80-watt amplifier brings a room-filling stereo sound at a low price point. Since the amp is solid state, it is easier to get the same tone at different volumes levels. This means that you can play through this amp at a gig or in your bedroom. The amp retails at around $1,200.00.
  • Mustang IV: One loud amplifier at a low price, the Mustang IV has two 12-inch speakers pumping out 120 watts of power. The amp also boasts over 100 different preset amp sounds, making this a great option for those who don't want to tinker around with knobs to get the right sound. The Mustang has an MSRP of about $700.00.
  • G-DEC 3 Thirty: This amp comes in three different varieties for blues, metal and country. All amps include built-in loops that allow you to hone your jamming chops, as well as built-in guitar sounds. This amp goes for around $550.00 brand new.
  • Frontman solid state: A solid state practice amp, this 10-watt amplifier features a 6-inch speaker that will allow you to work on your licks in the privacy of your bedroom without disturbing friends, family and neighbors. This amp typically retails for $80.00 or less.

Bass Amps

Due to playing different octaves, a bass requires a different amp from a guitar, although a guitar can be played through a bass amp.

  • TB-600C Combo: This bass amp gives a thick, balanced and natural sound that you can use in the studio or on the stage. The 600-watt amp is a lot of power, even by bass amp standards, with the sound coming through two 10-inch speakers. The MSRP is a little over $2,000.00.
  • Bassman TV-15 Combo: The Bassman TV has similar tube electronics and specs to the original Bassman amps of the 1950s. One 15-inch speaker pumps out 350 watts of power, and a tweed covering gives a vintage look that matches the vintage sound of this amp. You can purchase a brand-new Bassman for a little under $1,500.00.
  • Rumble 350: Another 350-watt amp, the Rumble is a solid state amp with two 10-inch speakers. You can play the Rumble 350 either clean or with built-in, foot switchable overdrive. A new Rumble 350 costs under $700.00.
  • Rumble 15: The Rumble 15 is from the same series as the Rumble 350, but it is smaller. This practice amp will give you a similar tone to the Rumble 350 but at a lower volume. In addition to 15 watts through a single 8-inch speaker, you can also plug your headphones in so that no one can hear your practicing.

Buying a Fender Amp

When you go to buy a Fender amp, try out several different amplifiers. This will allow you to decide which tone is best for you. While some people prefer a tube amp sound, others like the sound of solid state amplifiers. Others like to play their guitar through a bass amplifier for a thicker tone. Whatever your personal tastes are, looking around will help you to find the right sound at the right price.

Fender Guitar Amps