List of Guitar Tab Software

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Finding a list of guitar tab software can be a bit tricky on the Internet. SImple searches can direct you to software, but they don't exactly give you a list to choose from. Even heading to your local music shop like Guitar Center frequently will leave you wanting more than just an expert opinion on a few pieces for purchase. Sometimes riffling through a list of available options can do a lot more to help you make a decision than having someone give you their suggestions.

What Is a Tab Software Program?

Tablature (or tab for short) is a popular annotation form for the music of stringed instruments. Commonly used for the guitar, tab illustrates the six strings of your basic guitar and shows you where to put your fingers. This is different from sheet music which tells you which notes to play. While tab won't tell you the timing of a given fingering, its benefits include being quicker for many players to read. It also allows you to be more hands-on early in your playing career. Many players say that "just winging" the melody is one of the best ways to learn a song, but tabs that show the notes help you to get it correct quicker.

As a result, there are numerous types of tab software programs out there to help you with tab. The softwares fall into one of two types: programs meant to help you read/play tabs and programs that help you create your own tabs. Do you have an idea which type of program you'd like to use? If so, it might be time to begin reviewing some of the options out there for you.

Popular List of Guitar Tab Software

Whether you want a list of guitar tab software to help you find a program to make your own tabs or to assist you with tabs you already have, you'll be happy to know you have options.

  • Sibelius G7: One of the more high end options out there, G7 software offers many options like the ability to scan in sheet music for alteration. In addition to helping you write tablature, it can also help you play it with several in-software riff tools.
  • PowerTab: A Windows freeware program, PowerTab gets the job done in a simple way. It is great for both acoustic and electric guitar players.
  • Bucket'O'Tab: Another simple freeware script that features all of the common notational marks you'll need to get your tab written in no time.
  • Guitar Pro 6: Another high end option, Guitar Pro 6 not only helps you play your tab, it can also help you learn how to read sheet music and convert your tabs into sheet music. The program is also useful for creating tabs and then having the computer play them back so you can get a feeling for how your riffs sound.
  • TablEdit: Another mid range option, this software suite comes with a free demo for you to try before buying.

The Right Tab Software for Your Needs

There's bound to be a tab software program that fits your needs. You just have to investigate of number of these programs to find the right fit. Many of the strongest tab programs have a lot of features, but you may not need them all. A program with too many features may turn out to be a bit overwhelming. If it proves too difficult to understand, you might not make good use of it. If there is something simpler that fits your purpose, that may be the best choice.

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List of Guitar Tab Software