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Hemme Luttjeboer; Image used with permission from Wilkes Communications.
Hemme Luttjeboer; Guitarist, author and LTK interviewee

Interviews with Guitar Industry Experts

When you need answers, it only makes sense to go to the experts to get the info you need, and LoveToKnow knows where to find them. In this category, you'll find interviews with a variety of experts across the guitar industry on a wide range of topics. Take a look at some recent interviews.

  • David Hodge not only plays and teaches guitar, he's also the author of several guitar books in the Complete Idiot's Guide series. You'll get David's take on such topics as how to choose your first guitar, as well as tips for beginning players about playing both guitar and bass.
  • Hemme Luttjeboer, another Complete Idiot's Guide author, shares how practicing the right finger exercises can help guitarists of every skill level maintain and even improve their playing ability.
  • Maybe you're looking to parlay your love of playing into a full-time career. Super-stardom may not be in the cards for everyone, but Los Angeles-based bassist and composer Nate Perry shares his views on how to make a living in the music industry. Alejandro Corredor, owner of A.C. Touring and Productions, also shares what it's like to be a working guitar technician and stage/sound manager.

More to Come...

That's just a sample of topics covered so far, and you can expect even more. LoveToKnow will continue to bring you tips, advice and solid information straight from the mouths of qualified guitar experts that will help you advance your playing and broaden you musical horizons. Keep checking back each month to see what's new.

Guitar Expert Interviews