Expert Guitar Tips

Practicing acoustic guitar

The guitar in one form or another has existed for centuries. It's a versatile instrument that can be used in a wide variety of styles, from rock to jazz to classical. It's no wonder it remains one of the most popular choices of instruments for people seeking to learn how to play music.

Interviews With Guitar Experts

In addition to taking lessons and studying how to read music, learning from experts in the field is a proven way to learn more about your chosen hobby. It's even more important to study the experts if you decide to make playing the guitar your chosen profession.

Learning About the Guitar

A perfect place to start when you're a beginner is with an expert known for teaching students new to the guitar. Author David Hodge not only plays and teaches guitar, but has written several books on the guitar as part of the Complete Idiot's Guide series. David discuss several topics including how to decide whether to get an acoustic or electric guitar and understanding the pros and cons of each. He also gives some details on the importance of size, shape, and your skill level when choosing an acoustic guitar.

Making a Career With the Guitar

Once you've been learning and practicing on the guitar for some time, you might decide you want to make the guitar part of your career. While the typical image one gets in their head is a rockstar wailing away on his electric guitar in front of thousands of adoring fans, there are actually many other more accessible jobs that involve the guitar.

Working as a Guitar Technician

Alejandro Corredor, a professional guitar technician who's worked with high profile bands in the hardcore punk and metal genres, provides a run down of what it's like to work on stage. A guitar technician needs to know many skills including tuning, re-stringing, replacing electronics, and working with cables and wireless systems. He gives some input on what to expect in this fast paced position and how you can look for jobs on your own.

Become a Working Musician

Not all musicians who do the work as their primary profession have flashy careers or superstar status. Many work on writing scores for films, television and commercials as well as in back-up bands, orchestras, musicals and theatrical productions. Nate Perry, a Los-Angeles based bassist and composer gives some practical advice to aspiring musicians about the ins and outs of the music industry and what to expect as a working musician.

Teach Aspiring Guitarists

Another fun option that you can consider is helping others to love the guitar as much as you do. Working as a guitar instructor means dealing with different types of people such as younger children, adults or even musicians who want some professional tips to improve their playing. Roger Miller, a musician and guitar teacher, talks about the qualities that make a good instructor.

Expert Guitar Information

Reading more about what guitar experts think not only helps you learn to play the guitar better but can also be fascinating. They can provide their own personal tips for handling the instruments and improving your musical abilities as well as give you some ideas on possible careers you may not have considered previously.

Expert Guitar Tips