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Are you looking for Spanish guitar tabs? Spain was one of the earliest places in the world where the guitar became popular as a solo instrument, and the Spanish guitar style has long been appreciated in guitar circles. Some songs will require a high level of technical proficiency, while others are deceptively simple, yet still beautiful.

Find Spanish Guitar Tabs

Before you settle in with some Spanish tabs, you'll want to take a look at your guitar. While you could certainly play these tabs on any guitar (a steel string acoustic or even an electric guitar), the traditional instrument used in the genre is a nylon string, classical or flamenco guitar. The warm sound of the strings compliments the compositions, and the wider spacing on the neck helps the guitarists execute the techniques necessary to play the songs. If you really want to become a Spanish guitar enthusiast, you'll eventually want to invest in a decent nylon string guitar.

Good Tab Sites for Spanish Guitar

The best thing about Internet tab sites is that the tabs are free of charge. You can try out a variety of songs, see which ones you like and which ones sound good to you.

  • Classical Guitar Tablature - This is a great database for Spanish guitar. Tons of Spanish guitar music can be found here, and many songs have MIDI files associated with them so you can hear how the song is supposed to sound while you are learning.
  • Songsterr - Songsterr is a massive database of guitar and drum tabs covering a wide variety of genres. Their Spanish collection includes some of the biggest names in classical guitar, such as Paco de Lucia and Issac Albeniz. Search the database by artist or song title to find plenty of options.
  • Ravenna Flamenco - This is a fantastic site for fans of Spanish guitar. A number of compositions are available, and all of the songs are available in PDF files for easy viewing and printing.
  • AZ Chords - A small collection of Spanish tabs is listed here at AZ Chords.
  • Unpublished Classical Guitarists - You'll have to weed through some traditional classical guitar pieces here, but there are several options for Spanish classical music. All tabs and MIDI files are donated by the original artists, who are as yet unpublished. Many of the tabs come complete with the musician's notes for playing.

Books of Spanish Tabs

While books aren't available for free, there are still advantages to buying your tabs in book form. First of all, they are more accurate and more organized. You spend less time searching for good tabs and more time playing and practicing the tabs that you have.

  • Solo Guitarist Network - Some quality books like The Guitar in Spain, Classical Guitar of Spain, and Treasures of the Spanish Guitar are available for purchase here at Solo Guitar Network.
  • Amazon Guitar Tabs - Being one of the biggest booksellers on earth, Amazon has an expectedly large collection of books with Spanish guitar tabs. This link will take you to their entire collection.
  • The Classical Guitarist - Another nice collection of Spanish guitar tabs is listed here at The Classical Guitarist including Spanish Classics for Guitar in Tablature.

Playing Along

Once you get your tabs, either off the Internet or in book form, it's time to get down to business and start working. Begin slowly, take your time, concentrate on your technique and, in due time, you'll be playing like a professional.

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