Guide to Ibanez Lonestar Acoustic-Electric Guitars

Acoustic-electric guitar

The Ibanez Lonestar acoustic-electric guitar is very sought after by collectors. Introduced in the mid-1980s, the guitar has more of a Stratocaster-like appearance than most other acoustic electrics, particularly the headstock. Players interested in the facts and features of their guitars, as well as people wishing to purchase one, will be interested in getting the hard data on the instrument.

Ibanez Lonestar Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The most important aspects of these guitars are their original standard features. SInce the guitar has not been manufactured since the 1980s, the ones that you find now may have after-market modifications.


There are a number of different models in the Ibanez Lonestar acoustic-electric guitar line. These include:

  • S300
  • LS300MS
  • LS300BK
  • LS305TV
  • LS370
  • LS380

All of these are dreadnaught-style body guitars, with the exception of the LS305TV which features a single cutaway. The guitars all boast spruce tops with mahogany back and sides on the 300-series guitars and maple back and sides on the 370 and 380. Black-and-white binding is standard on all models. The 300 and 305-series guitars feature a mahogany neck, and the 370 and 380-series use maple for the neck. All guitars have rosewood fingerboards, with the exception of the LS370 which has maple. All models feature a bridge of rosewood, chrome-plated machine heads, Tru-Tone saddles and end pins in ivory with a black dot. For colors, the 300-series guitars are available in black, marine sunburst and natural gloss. The 305 comes in traditional violin, while the 370 and 380-series come only with natural mahogany. The slim neck makes for quick action and easy playability for people with smaller hands.


You can't go down to your local guitar shop and expect there to be any Lonestars on hand since production of this guitar ended many years ago. There are some places to look for one, both online and in the real world.

  • eBay: The world's largest flea market is a place where you may run into an Ibanez Lonestar. The advantage of purchasing a guitar on eBay is that often times the prices are lower than at a traditional shop. The down side is that you are buying the instrument sight unseen, and thus, may be unhappy with the Ibanez once you get it home.
  • Guitar Center: A nationwide chain of guitar stores, Guitar Center offers both new and used instruments for sale. You can go down to your local Guitar Center or look through their website which allows you to search the used inventory of the entire chain without ever leaving your home.
  • Musician's Friend: This mail order and online business also has a large compliment of used guitars. There are hundreds of acoustic-electric guitars on this website, and they may have the Ibanez Lonestar that you are looking for if your timing is right.

You could also choose to root around local shops and classified ads to see what comes up. Regardless of which method you choose to purchase the Ibanez, make sure you inspect the instrument for quality before you buy. As most of these guitars are decades old, there is a chance that there will be problems with the instrument that could cost you more to fix than what you paid in the first place.

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Guide to Ibanez Lonestar Acoustic-Electric Guitars